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Things I Wore A Lot This Winter

April 7, 2017

I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket, but it seems that spring might be sticking around (although as I write this I'm cold and we had a freeze watch overnight, haha!) With that said I thought that I would do a little round up of my favorite clothing items that I've worn a lot this winter. These are pieces I've featured on the blog and have posted over and over on Instagram. I know winter can be a hard time to find inspiration in all aspects of life, so I hope this post can show that a winter wardrobe doesn't suck that much :)

Camel Coat Grid Print Scarf Mom Jeans White Sneakers

I know I'm super excited for spring, but I'm also the kind of person that gets a little sad when seasons change. It's always bitter-sweet for me when anything comes to an end, so I always like to reminiscence before I accept and move on. I LOVE change, don't get me wrong, I just think it's important to take everything in and see its beauty for what it's worth ya know? Especially the fact that I live in a climate with seasons.

Winter was cold and dark, yeah, but I spent these past four months discovering new things about myself and really improving my outlook on life. I went a little crazy at some points being cooped up in my apartment, but those low times taught me valuable lessons and I wouldn't change that for the world. And that's why I appreciate winter. OKAY, enough of my retrospective rambling, I'll leave that for another post. On to my most worn winter clothing items!


If you follow me on Instagram (or after reading this blog post lol) you probably got sick of this coat! What can I say? It goes with EVERYTHING and just makes my outfits look a million times better. I got it a while ago, so it's sold out, but here's a similar one.


Well, duh. Winter is cold AF. I especially loved pom pom beanies (I've accumulated four this winter, lol) and blanket scarves. Cold weather essentials for sure and they add so much to an outfit!


This sweater was hands down my most worn top and it's actually still in stock on the web site! It's cozy, warm, and has the perfect slouchy fit to tuck into jeans or wear with leggings. I'ma be so sad when I can't wear it anymore!! Guess I can still whip it out on a chilly summer night :)

Slouchy Gray Sweater Belt Black Mom Jeans

Throwback to long hair, whoa!


Mom jeans are still my fav kind of fit at the moment. They are soo flattering! I get so many compliments and questions about this pair in particular and sadly they're sold out :(


My apartment was warm this winter, but it would get super chilly some nights (especially when it was below zero!), so I would layer up in over the knee socks and thick pajamas before hopping into bed.


This combo is actually what I wore to work a lot. Comfy and super easy to throw on, which is all I can ask for. I also loved tucking this dress into jeans, although it's a nightmare to avoid bumps, haha!
Pink Sweater Dress Black over the knee boots Outfit

Pink Sweater Black Mom Jeans Converse Shoes


Cardigans get me through life in general and are a staple all year round! I wore them a lot over long-sleeve turtlenecks, especially to work.

Chunky Neutral Cardigan, Black Jeans, Black Boots, Beanie


Although this coat is still fairly new to my wardrobe, I know that it would have been in constant rotation. I definitely plan on wearing it a lot next year!

After writing this post I realized that I not only wore a lot of the same things, but I also wore a lot of pants. I think it's funny because I used to love wearing dresses and skirts in the winter time, but have recently grown to hate tights. I can' wait to wear dresses in the spring time, but my style has definitely gotten more casual and less feminine than it used to be. THAT'S a whole nother blog post. So until then...

 What were your most worn clothing items this winter? Anything you were totally obsessed with like me and my gray sweater?

I'm off to work now in my sweater dress and OTK boots! It's cold today :(


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