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The Cropped Jean

September 30, 2016

Jacket: Newchic (similar/ Sweater: Sammydress / Jeans: c/o Zaful / Shoes: Converse / Hat: Nike

Finally got my hands on a pair of cropped denim and I'm obsessed! Really impressed with this pair from Zaful. They're an ultra high waisted mom jean style and are really flattering. The cropped raw edge is also an added detail, which is pretty on-trend at the moment. As for styling it, I decided to go casual with my Converse and baseball hat. To make it a little more chic I added this camel coat which is such a nice touch to all my outfits--totally invest in one if you can! It adds a cool street-style/model off-duty vibe which I can only aspire towards...haha!

How To Go a Whole Month Without Shopping

September 28, 2016

No Spend Month Challenge

There are only a few days left for the month of September and I'm proud to say that I've gotten through a whole month of no shopping. As I make my transition towards a more minimalist lifestyle, I made a goal at the end of August to complete a no spend challenge, which turned out to be surprisingly an easy. Now, there are different types of no spend challenges--some as much as preparing your entire month to buy absolutely nothing (not even food!) but I limited myself to not buy any clothes, beauty products, or objects I didn't need. I also didn't go out to eat, but I did buy a few coffees Today I'm sharing 8 tips to inspire/help you try this challenge as well.

Transitioning Your Shorts Into Fall

September 26, 2016

Boxy Blouse Shirt
Shirt: c/o Gamiss / Shorts: thrifted / Boots: ASOS / Jacket: c/o Rosegal 

Fall is here and it's actually gotten chilly where I live, but I know it's still warm in some places (I'm talking to you California) to wear shorts. A good way to transition your shorts from summer to fall is to pair them with ankle boots. During the summer heat I wouldn't be caught dead in boots (or socks for a matter of fact). I love this combination because a good black boot adds a little edge to any outfit. On top, I'm wearing this boxy button up blouse from Gamiss which I'm a little obsessed with. I've always gravitated towards boxy shirts and they are pretty on trend this year. With such a flattering silhouette, this one is a little cropped so it looks great with high waist anything. It's breezy and super easy to wear--will definitely be something I throw on when I have no idea what to wear this season.

Monochrome Basics

September 23, 2016

Monochrome Street Style
Jacket: Shein / Top: Brandy Melville / Pants: Topshop / Loafers: Second-hand

Investing in simple black and white pieces will do wonders for your wardrobe. For one, it makes it easy and quick to put an outfit on in the morning because everything pairs well together. My shopping habits now have myself asking a few questions: Can I pair this with other things in my wardrobe? How is the quality? Does this fit me? Will I still wear this in a couple of months? A year?
I used to buy clothing because I liked it and when I got home I realized that it went with nothing in my closet. If you are trying to downsize or adapt a minimalist lifestyle you must think of a couple of outfits you can style it with before committing. Since I've embraced this habit my closet is becoming a curated collection of pieces I love and see myself wearing for many years to come. And most of those pieces are black and white.

22 Things I Love About Fall

September 21, 2016

Fall Sweater Jeans
The fall season officially arrives here in the United States tomorrow, September 22! (Who else never knew that meteorological autumn was a thing??) Since my excitement is (clearly) at an all time high, I thought I would share 22 things I love about the fall season. Honestly I'm just ready for the heat to go away, but there are so many other things to embrace beyond the cooler temperatures, fall fashion definitely being one of my top favs!

Fall Fashion: Denim Mini Skirt + Booties

September 19, 2016

Striped Shirt Black Skirt
Top: American Apparel / Skirt: Primark / Boots: BooHoo / Bag: c/o Zaful

A piece to easily transition from summer to fall is a denim mini skirt. Whether in blue denim or black, I'm seeing these all over Instagram and Pinterest. They're a timeless piece that's a good basic to have in your wardrobe. I'm keeping it pretty minimal in this outfit by pairing it with a striped top and black ankle booties. I'm so excited for cooler whether because boots are my jam! These slip-on ones are super easy to slide into when I'm feeling lazy and on-the-go. Who else is excited for boot weather??

Saying Good-Bye to Summer: Letting Go of Expectations

September 17, 2016

Top: Gift / Shorts: H&M / Sandals: Kohls 

As we slowly start to swap out our shorts for sweaters in preparation for fall, it's important to reflect on our summer. I feel like many of us idealize our summers in the beginning and create so many expectations to fulfill. We conjure up a mental bucket list of all the things we wanna do and all the places we wanna go. And then September jumps out of nowhere and we realize that we haven't checked a damn thing off that list. News alert: that's okay.

My Blogging Process + Some Tips

September 15, 2016

Blogger Process Tips

I don't know about you guys, but I like reading about how other blogger's blog. I've been blogging for almost four years now (what!!) and I've finally developed a routine that works for me. When I was in college my posts were pretty sporadic, but now I consistently post three times a week, two of those posts always being outfits. I know we all have our own routines and what works for us, so I thought I would give a little behind the scenes and share how In Search of Sheila functions.

Hello Jacket Weather

September 12, 2016

Casual Fall Outfit

Jacket: c/o Sammydress / Top: New Dress / Jeans: second-hand / Shoes: Nike / Hat: thrifted

So happy to report that the weather has cooled down and we have officially entered jacket weather! I'm styling a khaki jacket from Sammydress in today's post. I decided to take a more casual route with a basic striped tee, mom jeans, and my white Nikes. One of my favorite things about cooler weather is the endless possibilities you have with layering your clothes. Having a good collection of fall jackets is an essential for any fashionista.

Can't Give Summer the Cold-Shoulder

September 9, 2016

Top: c/o Zaful / Shorts: c/o Zaful / Necklace: c/o Zaful / Shoes: Aldo

Don't get me wrong, I just as excited for fall as the next blogger, but I'm not in denial that summer isn't over yet. The autumn equinox (and the end of Mercury Retrograde) isn't until September 22 and it's been in the 90s this week! As much as I want to wear pants and jackets on a daily basis, I can't just yet. With that said I bring to you a very summer outfit featuring this cold-shoulder blouse, denim shorts, and choker from I actually ordered these items with the intention of taking them on my beach trip, but they came too late. At least it's still hot enough to wear them!

My Monthly Buys | August 2016

September 7, 2016

Another month, another My Monthly Buys! Financially, the whole month of August for me was saving up for my beach trip which you can see more photos from here. I took up extra hours at my serving job and created a vacation budget for myself that I actually obeyed! I also made a little list of what I exactly wanted to buy for my trip and stuck to it.

Bomber Season

September 5, 2016

Jacket: c/o Rosegal / Top: Brandy Melville / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Public Desire / Hat: Nike

A little late of a post today because it's Labor Day and I am trying to take things slow. I was sick (KILLER allergies) all last week and lost my voice for a couple of days, and am finally feeling so much better! Today's post is a casual look featuring this bomber jacket from Rosegal. This outfit is perfect for this weird summer to fall transitional period that is September. For me, layering is key when it can be hot one minute and chilly the next. Bomber jackets have been on trend all year and will definitely still be a thing this fall. 

Too Cool For School

September 2, 2016

Top: American Apparel / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Nike / Bag and Scarf: thrifted

All of my friends who are still in college started their classes this week and it leaves me a little nostalgic since I'm completely done with school (until I'm old and bored and want my Ph.D., ha) I earned my Masters Degree back in December and have been loving the no-school life to be honest. I do miss going to lectures, taking notes, and the whole social aspect of college, but don't miss the tests and papers at all. I was SUCH a procrastinator. It feels so good to be done so I can focus on other things. This casual outfit is something I would wear to class and I actually shot it at the beginning of August with no intentions of putting together a #BTS look.
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