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#OOTD: Stoop Kid Got a New Stoop

May 31, 2016

I've officially moved into my new apartment! I've been waiting about 6 months for this move since I started a new job and finally found a place that is cute, affordable, and in a great location. This is my new stoop and it makes me happy. I also have a back fire escape I can hang out on too, although it is extremely scary to walk up and down. I'll take what I can get though. I plan on doing a little apartment tour once I get things all unpacked and organized. Some things are still a work in progress and I don't even have a couch yet! It'll get there though. I thought I'd share this outfit from yesterday morning. Getting dressed has been difficult because everything is packed away and everything I want to wear I can't find, haha. I settled for this t-shirt and skort combination and the sandals have officially been broken out. Summer is on it's way! 

Night to Day Look

May 27, 2016

Here's another one of those outfits that was literally thrown together as I was about to walk out the door to work. I actually slept in this dress hence the "night to day" title and rediscovered this jacket while I was packing up my apartment last night (yes, I'm moving!) I say "rediscovered" because I styled it on In Search of Sheila last fall, but it stayed in my closet until I pulled it out and became inspired to style it again. VOILA! Just throw it on what you slept about a lazy outfit you still look good in. By adding these easy slider sandals and some silver bling I was comfy yet chic for my day. I love that the jacket is lightweight which makes it perfect for the chilly office, but you can still breathe when you walk outside in the heat. The weather has finally been warming up so it looks like summer is on its way!

The Midi Dress

May 23, 2016

I've never been into midi-length dresses and skirts because I'm a petite person. At 5'3" making myself look taller is always a factor I consider when getting dressed. I've always hated looking stumpy (as I call it, haha) wearing certain garments, so I always try to elongate my legs. I always preferred shorter skirts for this reason.Well my tastes have changed and my confidence as grown because now I love all things midi. In these shots I don't think my legs look short, so I think it all depends on the type of garment and achieving the right proportions. Since this dress is a tight one-piece, it elongates my entire body, even with flat sneakers on. High waist midi skirts would work for girls on the shorter side too!

Silver Accents

May 18, 2016

Black and white never gets old. I feel like I've featured this same outfit on here before or at least another variation of the white tee, black jeans, leather jacket look. I added some silver details with my thrifted belt, boots, and the zippers on the jacket to give it a little more dimension. These jeans are so comfy. I really need a blue denim pair of mom jeans in my life, but this black pair will do for now.

Vintage Pullover

May 16, 2016

Here's a sporty look featuring this vintage Pepsi sweatshirt I picked up at a thrift store a little while ago. I couldn't pass up how unique it was with the color blocking, varsity stripes, and cool graphic. It also has some funny wording on it too: "The rugged new look of the new generation. Pepsi and Pepsi-Cola the official Cola Clothes of high adventure squads across America and Europe." Lol, it cracks me up. I really dig the mock neck and boxy silhouette out it, elements I've always been drawn to.

My New Bag

May 11, 2016

 I rarely purchase handbags so I figured I would dedicate a post to my new faux leather tote bag from Forever 21. I first mentioned it in my April Buys and again in this outfit post. A large tote bag had been on my to-buy list since I started a new job back in December. For a while my go-to bag was a backpack, which made it difficult to chuck things in and out of since I had to go through a zipper or drawstring. I love tote bags because in the mornings I can quickly throw in my agenda, notebook, water bottle, and anything else I want to take with me for the day. Since it's on my shoulder everything is easily accessible if I'm running errands.

Embracing Versatility In Your Wardrobe

May 9, 2016

I used to avoid styling outfits for the blog with "repeated pieces" or what some bloggers call "remixes." I think the mentality that you can't wear the same item twice on your blog is ridiculous and goes against my belief in getting the most use out of your clothing. Since I started to embrace a more minimalist perspective by downsizing my closet, I've felt more confident in repeating different items here on In Search of Sheila. I also think it's great to see bloggers style the same pieces in different ways, as it sparks a lot of inspiration. So this outfit falls into the "repeated" category, as you have already seen everything I'm wearing except my socks. 

Dusty Pink

May 6, 2016

Dusty pink is the new it color and I'm totally on board. It goes with black for a dressed up look or can be more casual with denim. It can also go with grays, whites, and other neutrals for that tonal look that I've been seeing. Unlike hot pink, this lighter shade is definitely easier to style if you're into more minimal looks. Shein contacted me to collaborate and I was stoked because I've always wanted to work with them! They kindly send me this pink long sleeve bodysuit with a tie around the neck which is a cute touch.

My Monthly Buys | April 2016

May 4, 2016

Here's another My Monthly Buys! I've spent more money on clothes this month than the others so far, but it was my birthday month so I felt a *little* justified in doing so. 

#OOTD: Birthday Suit

May 2, 2016

Happy Monday and happy May! April went by quickly, didn't it? Quick outfit of the day post today because I've honestly haven't been able to do any shooting. The weather this whole past week has been shit: cloudy, raining, and cold. My vitamin D intake is starting to get effected, I need some sun, dammit! Anyway, here is what I wore on my birthday last Wedesday. I was a super adult and was in bed before midnight and went to work, haha. Having a birthday fall in the middle week is pretty boring, but my lifestyle is pretty lowkey nowadays. Unfortunately I had a really bad cut in my mouth for a week (couldn't eat or even talk with major pain for a few days) that prevented me from going out to the bar. Oh well, I've had plenty of super fun birthdays in the past and many more to come. As for this outfit I'm wearing my new trousers from Forever 21 that I'm obsessed with! I love the high waist and tie on it, and the olive green is a bit different for me. I also thrifted these slider sandals for $5 and they are so comfortable. 

I hope you all have a lovely week! I will be working on more content for you :)

Top: American Apparel /// Trousers: Forever 21 /// Sandals: thrifted
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