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Black and Blue, Tried & True (+ Some Good News!)

December 2, 2016

Black Cardigan Blue Jeans
Cardigan: Forever 21 / Top: Forever 21 / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: ASOS / Hat: similar
(I honestly didn't mean to make the title of this post rhyme LOL, it just happened!)

It's December...whattt?? This whole week has been rainy and dark and it's been impossible to take ANY photos. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I've been posting old photos and (kind of) complaining about it. But I digress...

Black and blue...a classic color combination that is moody enough to fit this week's weather and is easy to wear. (Any Backstreet Boys fans that played this album over and over?) The blue in these Topshop jeans really pop, taking the denim to a new level. Paired with a black oversized cardigan, chunky boots, and beanie, I put together a simple, yet edgy look perfect for fall.

Black and Blue Outfit Blogger

Black Cardigan Pom Beanie
Side note: I do love this cardigan I got recently. It's definitely found a place in my wardrobe as an essential, replacing my old one that had holes in the arms.

Black and Blue Outfit Blogger

So on to the good news... yesterday was my first official day in my new full time position at my job! Y'all probably don't know, but I work as an Assistant Archivist at a university library and I've been there part time for almost a year. When I was offered a full time position last month I don't think my excitement and gratitude could be measured. If there's one thing I can say, it's that the whole "visual what you want and you will get it" thing really does work. For months and months I kept seeing myself working full time and how my life would be so different and amazing than it was (two part time jobs SUCKS) and now I can say I actually have it. So here's to having the weekends off (FINALLY!) and health insurance (woohoo!) VISUALIZE PEOPLE. It works.

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  2. omg girl, i love that look and those jeansss!!!!! You look stunning babe.

    what?!?! u got a fulltime position??? CONGRATULATIONSS!
    Yes, my friends talk about this all the time- something of visualizing, attracting the things you want to you and that it will happen. I have been a real skeptic for this tbh. But I'm really happy for you ^^
    S T Y L E B L O G

  3. Congrats! Amazing advice at the end. I really like your outfit. Great post as always. :)

  4. Love the jeans!



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