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Currently Loving: Nike Roshe One

October 19, 2016

This post is dedicated to my new babies: the Nike Roshe One. I've been wearing them for a couple of weeks now, so I thought it would be appropriate to give them a little review (which is all positive!) 

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of leisure sneakers since my trusty pair of Nikes I've had since high school finally had to be retired after the soles fell off and super glue couldn't salvage them *RIP* I wasn't necessarily in a position where I wanted to spend a big chunk of money right away on a new pair and I wanted to try on as many as I could. I was also looking for an "all-around fashionista sneaker" which I could workout/run in and also were super stylish for casual wear. I realized that I couldn't have all of this in one shoe, so I decided to invest in a leisure pair since I have a pair of Nikes that I can work out in, I just don't really like the look of them and they are a half size too big. After a trip to a Nike outlet I tried on probably ten different pairs of sneakers, hating how all of them looked on me except the Roshe One.

They only had them in white, but that's the color I wanted! I love how crisp and clean they look and since I wear a lot of black, I figured getting a white shoe would be better than another black one, since the majority of my shoes are black. And lucky for me they were on sale for $60! They run about $70-$75 in major shoe stores, so this was a steal. Definitely check out outlet stores if you live near any--or discount department stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls that carry name brands.

As for comfort I will say that they aren't the comfiest shoe I've ever tried on. Literally after I bought these I went into the Adidas outlet and tried on the Cloud Ones which were on sale for $35 and they were seriously the most comfortable shoe, ever. At that point I was torn between which pair I wanted--do I buy the Adidas and return the Nikes? There was no way I was spending $95 on two pairs of sneakers in one day.

So after careful consideration I decided to keep the Roshes because I loved the look of them more and I had my heart set on a pair of Nikes. They are still comfortable though! Just not like you're walking on nothing, lol. Since the Cloudfoams are running shoes, I'm definitely going to look into them when I'm ready to invest in another pair of sneakers.

What do you think of the Nike Roshe One? What is your go-to pair of sneakers?



  1. looks awesome, love them

  2. Oh I am digging these sneakers! Looking so rad :)

    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  3. Loving them! They look amazing :)

    Anika |

  4. I agree with you! Nike certainly does have the best minimal sneakers ever!!
    The only that sucks is that you have to maintain it because it's so white.
    But anyways, thats a great steal ^^

  5. Nice shoes! I really like the color and style. :)

  6. Love the all white sneaker with a casual outfit! I'm obsessed w Nike Air Force Ones atm.


  7. They look so good! I love how white is actually kind of an unexpected choice for an athletic shoe nowadays. But they do complement your looks well. I have a pair of Roshes and you're right--they're not the most comfortable! Definitely more of a walking show than a work out shoe.

    xx freshfizzle


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