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My Monthly Buys | August 2016

September 7, 2016

Another month, another My Monthly Buys! Financially, the whole month of August for me was saving up for my beach trip which you can see more photos from here. I took up extra hours at my serving job and created a vacation budget for myself that I actually obeyed! I also made a little list of what I exactly wanted to buy for my trip and stuck to it.

ASOS: $45.50
I mentioned in this post that my summer goal was to find a new bathing suit for my trip. Lucky for me ASOS was having an amazing sale and I scored two suits for under $40! Since I was a little under the free shipping amount (it always gets me!) I also purchased a simple grey dress.

Bikini Top: $9.50 / Bottoms: $9

Bikini Top: $9 (out of stock)

H&M: $40
Next on my to-buy list was a romper. I found a simple black one at H&M for $18. There were so many other colors and patterns, but keeping to my minimalist mantra, I chose something that I would wear again and again. Rompers are not only perfect for summer, but can be layered over a shirt or under a jacket for fall, which you can get some inspo from in this post. I bought it at full price, but now it's on sale for $9.99!
I also wanted a pair of darker denim shorts which I found in the sale section for $10 and a big straw hat to block out the sun for $15.

Black Romper: $18 (now on sale!)

Denim shorts: $10 (on sale)

Straw Hat: $15

Thrift Store: $14
While on my beach trip essentials hunt I stopped into a thrift store for a little browse (I was specifically looking for sandals). I ended up finding a pair of vintage high waist Levi shorts which I ended up cutting to my desired length. I also found a black belt for $3 and cute little navy handbag. I've been trying to find new cross-body bag. After I bought it I realized my coworker has the same exact one!
Levi's Shorts: $6

Bag: $5

Kohls: $8
I failed at finding a pair of white criss-cross sandals and the pair I was going to buy from ASOS were out of my size, so I did a quick Google search and came across these at Kohls for $8! I ordered them online and picked them in store the next day (I was in a time crunch by this point). I wore them everyday and if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen them in every other post. They are so easy to wear.

White Sandals: $8 (on sale!)

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in "Re-Teal Therapy": $5
I wanted to experiement with a teal color for the beach, but after buying this from Rite Aid, I realized that it clashed with all my outfits so I resorted back to white nails (lol). Guess I can only do neutral nails from now on! I do have to say that the Insta-Dri formula is easy to apply and dries quickly. I didn't wear it long enough to have an opinion on chipping though.

American Apparel: $51
After the beach I realized I had a $25 off $50 or more coupon to American Apparel that I wanted to use since it expired at the end of the month. Needless to say, I didn't need to buy anything, I just wanted to use the coupon. I ended up getting two dresses at $38 each, only paying $51 for both. Since my dress collection isn't where I want it to be, I invested in these simple pieces.

Black Dress / Striped Dress

Moleskin Notebooks (Set of 3): $10
And lastly I've been needing a new notebook since my current one is in its final pages. I love the Moleskin Cahier notebooks, so I got a three pack for $10 on Amazon (free shipping with my boyfriend's Prime account!)

Total August Expenditures: $173

Although I spent close to $200 last month on things I didn't "need" on top of my $300 beach trip budget, I worked hard for it all. The one thing I learned last month was that working hard with the intention of saving money for something specific, such as travel, was very gratifying. I didn't buy anything tangible on my trip, my money mostly went towards food which I was perfectly okay with.
My next big trip goal is to go to England next April for my birthday, which is going to be much more than $300. Here's to setting big goals and working towards them!

What are your favorite purchases from the month of August? Is there anything in particular you want to buy this month?
My goal for the month of September is to not buy any clothing (sounds crazy, right?) I've been inspired by some bloggers, particularly Ashlyn from the The Quiet Kind to go on a "no-buy month" so I am going to try with clothes to start. Since September is still hot I can still wear some of my summer pieces, adding layers when it gets chilly. Once October comes around though I'm sure I'm going to have a lengthy wish list. I already know that I want to invest in a new denim jacket! 



  1. Love all your summery budget friendly buys! So cute, especially love that suit! Also, love that you went to Dewey, we go every year and it's a great beach!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  2. The Boo Hoo dress is super cute hun!

  3. Amazing picks for the summer! Love the grey dress from Asos :)

  4. Loving those t-shirt dresses!! Such a staple piece

    Enclothed Cognition


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