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Silver Accents

May 18, 2016

Black and white never gets old. I feel like I've featured this same outfit on here before or at least another variation of the white tee, black jeans, leather jacket look. I added some silver details with my thrifted belt, boots, and the zippers on the jacket to give it a little more dimension. These jeans are so comfy. I really need a blue denim pair of mom jeans in my life, but this black pair will do for now.

I particularly liked this wall I found in the capital city of my state because of the "Myspace Famous" tag. I mean, didn't we all want to be Myspace famous at one point in our lives? Now I guess they just call it internet famous.

How do you like to jazz up a plain outfit? Or can you just rock the uber minimal look? (Something I wish I could do). Were you on the internet during the Myspace craze? Sometimes I wish I screencapped the different layouts and top 8s I had just for memory's sake. I remember my best friend would stay up all night when we had school the next day messing around with the HTML to get the perfect theme. Those certainly were the days.

Jacket: H&M /// T-shirt: Brandy Melville /// Jeans: Vintage /// Boots: Amazon


  1. LOVING that belt. I wish I can rock a minimal outfit and look at least stylish, but that isn't the case, lol. I'm all about accessorizing and jazzing up plain tees with out-there hairstyles!


  2. loving the jacket!

  3. Love this outfit! Super edgy, yet totally chic :)

    Edye | Http://

  4. You look so great! Love the belt xo

    Emily |

  5. Love your outfit! Beautiful jacket!

  6. great look with ajacket on fleek

  7. You look SO good here, babe! Loving those jeans! I've been dying for a pair with that kind of fit!

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  8. Ah, those black mom jeans are super cute! I had actually purchased a pair of black ones but ended up exchanging them for light blue ones because the black was harder to pair. But these are so cute on you!

    xx freshfizzle

  9. love all your outfits!!! and gave many ideas!!


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