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My Monthly Buys | April 2016

May 4, 2016

Here's another My Monthly Buys! I've spent more money on clothes this month than the others so far, but it was my birthday month so I felt a *little* justified in doing so. 

American Apparel 2x2 Rib Triangle Top 'Sofia' Bodysuit $36
Kind of a splurge, but I'll be wearing a lot of bodysuits this summer. You can see how I styled this one here.

Forever 21 Bodycon Midi Dress: $10 /// Grey T-shirt Dress: $10 // Bodysuit: $10
Okay, I went a little crazy at Forever 21, but you only turn 26 once! It's hard to see the two dresses because of the flatlay, but I plan on styling the one on the left soon. I think I'm going to return the ribbed one on the right because it is incredibly short. I'm 5'3" and I can't bend over without my toosh hanging out. Maybe I'll keep it and try to style it as a long t-shirt....we'll see. Lastly, I got another black bodysuit. This one is super tight and has a low-cut back which will look super cute with shorts.

Forever 21 Trousers: $20
Olive green pants?? Yes. I'm obsessed with the tie on them. You can see how I wore them on my birthday in this post.

Forever 21 Tote Bag: $30
My new bag!! It's so big and carries so much stuff which is perfect for work. I can chuck everything in it and access it easily. It also came with a mini bag which is in the next photo. You will be seeing more of this on the blog for sure.

Topshop Crop Top: $10 // H&M Skirt: $13 // Thrifted Sandals: $5 // Went 'n Wild Black Nail Polish: $1 
I'll be styling this crop top and midi skirt soon! More green, yass! I love this shade, it's very earth toney. The sandals were a lucky find at a thrift store. I technically bought the nail polish in May, but used it for the flatlay, ha. The Dollar Tree carries familar brands like Wet 'n Wild and e.l.f. so I definitely recommend checking it out if you live near one!

Nalgene 32 Ounce Water Bottle: $11
I technically only spent $3 on this, because I had $8 on my Paypal balance that I used towards it. I've been wanting a new water bottle and finally decided to get a Nalgene one. I love the gray and blue color combo!

Total April Expenditures: $156
$156 isn't terrible...but it isn't that great either. You'd think I'd have a budget created by now, but to be honest I hate budgeting which is not a good thing. Dropping $80 at Forever 21 is what did me in, but I was in the birthday mood. I also received some birthday money from my parents and brother, so #yolo! I plan to have more control on my finances for the month of May since I'll be moving into a new place at the beginning of June.

What are your favorite purchases for the month of April? Is there anything you want to buy during the month of May?


  1. i'm living for bodysuits right now, i just got one at topshop for around the same price and i'm obsessed. definitely going to look at AA though!

  2. Happy Birthday whenever it actually hits! <3

    I love that body, they are so perfect for summer time. Sadly, I live in the UK and we rarely get any sunshine... aah

    This is Simply Me

  3. You got some great stuff! Forever 21 is a trap for me too because I feel like everything is so affordable and then it all adds up! Loving those pants especially!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  4. Those sandals are a great thrift find!

  5. Beautiful and sweet choice, dear
    You have a interesting blog.
    I hope you will like mine


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