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Embracing Versatility In Your Wardrobe

May 9, 2016

I used to avoid styling outfits for the blog with "repeated pieces" or what some bloggers call "remixes." I think the mentality that you can't wear the same item twice on your blog is ridiculous and goes against my belief in getting the most use out of your clothing. Since I started to embrace a more minimalist perspective by downsizing my closet, I've felt more confident in repeating different items here on In Search of Sheila. I also think it's great to see bloggers style the same pieces in different ways, as it sparks a lot of inspiration. So this outfit falls into the "repeated" category, as you have already seen everything I'm wearing except my socks. 

I wanted to try the frilly sock and shoe combo so I paired these black shoes from Primark that I wore on New Year's Eve. I styled the skirt previously with a red cardigan and striped turtleneck and the high neck top with black jeans and a red tartan scarf. I love the versatility that comes with clothing!

I also love wearing the same outfits over and over again and purchasing basic pieces that can be mixed and matched. If something is sitting in my closet that never gets worn, it honestly shouldn't be there.

What are your thoughts on "repeated" or "remixed" clothing items? Do you embrace versatiltiy in your own wardrobe? What do you think of this outfit?

Top: thrifted /// Skirt: Yoins /// Socks: Amazon /// Shoes: Primark /// Bag: Old Navy


  1. You look fantastic! Like the photos that was taken

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I should embrace remixing more...I wear the same things over and over again in the same combinations!


  3. Nice look! I love the socks x


  4. i love this look,it is perfect and you look amazing x

  5. I am ALL about versatility and I'm so glad you wrote about this, Sheila. There is nothing wrong at all with remixing clothes, and I think it definitely shows of a person's skill with styling. I'm loving the socks, by the way; it's such a dainty statement!


  6. those ruffle socks look adorable with this outfit!!


  7. This is a cute outfit, the socks really add a nice touch.
    Farrah | Blue Jazzmin

  8. Adorable idea and styling! You look very pretty!



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