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My Life in Squares | 003

April 11, 2016

Every time the weekend rolls around I become so M.I.A. in the blogger sphere because I work.all.weekend. at my second job. Once Monday rolls around I feel like I have so much catching up to do. I've been wanting to post 3 times a week but I just haven't been able to get enough photos. The weather being crappy lately definitely hasn't helped either! Anyway I decided to do another My Life In Squares since the last one I did was in February and thought you guys might want a life update!

1. Currently reading: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. About 200 pages in and loving it so far. I can't wait for season 5! Any other GOT fans out there? 
2. It's been soo cold this week! And it snowed back home yesterday. I'm not surprised, because this always happens in early April, but it's just a bummer, haha. I am ready to retire my winter coat.
3. Loving this nude lip color from e.l.f. cosmetics. It's minimal but gives my lips a little pop!
4. I've been sticking to the Blogilates monthly calendars and am definitely getting stronger and a little firmer in some places. Working out and yoga makes me happy.
5. OOTD from a day at the laundromat. Sometimes I get the place to myself and will snap some photos with my phone. I loved how this one turned it and it was the first one I took!
6. Iced coffee is slowly coming back into rotation.
7. Lovin' this fuzzy jacket from Sammy Dress! It makes me feel so glam. You can see how I style it in this post.
8. Mmm, I've been loving this Mediterranean inspired pizza on Naan flatbread with hummus, veggies, and feta cheese! So easy to make and filling.
9. One of my favorite OOTDs lately! I've been wearing a lot of black, haha.

What have you guys been up to? Is it officially spring where you are? Be sure to check out my Instagram as I am on quite active on there!


  1. that's a different weekly cycle than most of the rest of us, huh? hope you stay fit and healthy with all that busyness! love the tone of your pics, makes them look really lovely.

  2. All black OOTDs forever! I was forcing myself to post twice a week a while back but have resorted to posting once a week lately, just because life has been incredibly hectic. Prioritizing is something that comes with blogging, I guess.

    Good luck, Sheila!


  3. Omg, you are so pretty, i love your style *.*

  4. Great post and style!


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