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Baby, What's Your Sign?

April 29, 2016

(Ignore the snow in these shots! I took these photos a long time ago and never posted them. I figured I would save them until late April/early May since now it's the sign of Taurus.)

I'm not an expert in moons rising over planets and all that stuff, but I do strongly identify as a Taurus, whose birthdays fall between April 19 and May 10. My birthday falling on April 27, I'm definitely reliable, practical, ambitious, and independent...but I'm also very stubborn, lazy at times, possessive, and materialistic. I always like to ask people when their birthdays are so I can figure out their astrological sign. It's interesting to compare their personality with traits characteristic of their sign, because it helps me understand them more as a person, and I LOVE figuring people out. I don't really care about horoscopes and stuff like that, it's all just hearsay for me. OH! And we just entered Mercury Retrograde which always makes life interesting.

When I saw that Rad Clothing had astrological sweatshirts, I knew I had to get one! I've been really into pullover sweatshirts lately, especially slogan ones. I love Rad's sweatshirts because they are super warm and cozy and they have the cutest designs ever. Their sweatshirts come in different colors depending on your sign. I really wanted mine to be in navy like this Pisces one, but oh well!

For this look I layered a thin baby pink turtleneck underneath for extra warm and a pop of color. Even though it's spring now, this whole week has been cloudy, rainy, and chilly. This outfit would be perfect for this kind of weather, I would even add a light jacket over it because it's been that cold! But the saying goes April showers bring May flowers...and *wait for it* it's gonna be May! (Anyone catch my N*SYNC reference? hahah)

So... what's your sign? Do you think your personality traits reflect your sign? Or do you totally just not care about astrology? I'd love to know!

 Sweatshirt: Rad /// Turtleneck: thrifted /// Jeans: Topshop /// Sneakers: Nike


  1. cute casual look! at least its not snowing anymore haha!

  2. My star sign is Libra, so me and you would get on so well! I love star signs and really believe in them! and love the N*SYNC reference! x

  3. Love that outfit! I'm a Taurus too, yay :)

    Edye //


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