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#OOTD: Casual Saturday

March 14, 2016

 So I decided to start dedicating some posts to #ootd shots taken strictly with my iPhone 5s! I feel like cell phone photos can give off a more authentic perspective to personal style, which is something I think is important to stress on this blog. Fashion is super inspiring and everything, but I find more inspiration in seeing outfits that people actually wear from day to day. 

This past Saturday I met up with my friend Erin for coffee and then we walked around chatting and enjoying the fresh air. I had her snap some outfit shots for me (thanks Erin, you da best!) which I intended just for my Instagram, but she got so many good shots that I had to show case them on here :) I went for something low key this day because I don't get to wear casual-wear much during the week because of work. I love these Adidas Originals leggings, as they are cute and flattering...oh, and super comfy as well! Paired them with a simple white crop top and this vintage khaki jacket I thrifted which was mentioned in my February Buys post. Finished off the look with my classic black Converses!

Do you prefer to dress more casual on the weekends or when you are off from work? What do you think of this outfit and my #ootd posts idea?

Also, I'm so glad you all liked my last post! I got so much great feedback and sadly, I still am unable to reply to comments! :( I don't know how to fix this issue and it's really starting to bug me...

Jacket: thrifted /// Crop top: Forever 21 /// Leggings: Foot Locker /// Shoes: Converse


  1. I'm loving the idea of this post, Sheila! While I've got to point out that the outfits I post on the blog are actual outfits I wear from day to day, I can see where you're coming from with the phone photography thing. My blog photos used to be taken from my own phone (now photos taken from my phone go up on Instagram!) but, after the purchase of a camera, have been solely taken by them. I definitely agree that phone photography lends a more authentic and personal touch to outfit photos.

    Anyway, I'm loving how casual you're looking! Those leggings look so good on you!


  2. I can't believe these were taken on an iphone, they look like they could of been taken on a dslr!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  3. Cool look! Especially for a uni-goer like me. I think this is one of those perfect throw-togethers for a semi-casual day. Keep up the awesome looks!

    Looking forward to your future posts.

    Thank You

  4. these are pretty good candid shots! your friend did a good job! I like the leggings too :)

  5. Love the jacket and leggings! :)

    Kara // www.kay-ng.blogspot.com

  6. Totally love the Adias leggings, I would 100% rock this for coffee and errands on a Saturday! Cute shots!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  7. looking great! love the leggings!


  8. Nice outfit, love your style! ♡

    Want to follow each other? Follow me and I will follow u right back (:

    ♡ Avon Incandessence ♡

  9. LOVE this outfit!! You look so cute :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  10. love your jackets and the photos are amazing! it's great that you've just decided to use your phone

    xo Sarah

  11. love the jacket


  12. love the jacket



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