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Navy Blue, I Love You

March 30, 2016

I finally got some navy into my wardrobe, which has been a color I've been eyeballing for a while now. I'm not sure why I neglected the color for so long, I think maybe because I was all about black and wasn't into pairing it with a dark blue. Well, that's obviously not the case anymore. 
I mentioned this turtleneck in My February Buys which I purchased from ASOS. It's been a go-to top for work and off-duty looks, as it's super comfy and stretchy. Totally recommend it! It's still a bit chilly here and super windy (annoying) so I haven't put away my long sleeves just yet. I do have to admit I get sad when I think about putting my turtlenecks away once summer comes. But that's what seasons are for, I guess!

Yes...winter coats are still in the rotation! March weather y'all.

So my mom commented on my style saying I'm dressing more "boyish" and I just laughed. She does have a point, my style is not as "girly" as it used to be, but I would rather call it more sporty and minimal than "boyish." Attaching genders to clothing is just not something I do, you know? We are all humans and we can dress however the f*ck we want. Still love my momma though!

Do your parents or loved ones ever notice your style choices or changes? 

Turtleneck: ASOS /// Jeans: American Apparel /// Sneakers: Nike /// Coat: Forever 21


  1. You look so pretty!! Love the high wasted jeans :)

    Edye //

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  3. In love with this look! :) My favourite piece would have to be the coat, I like it a lot x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  4. This is such a cute outfit, love the trainers! X

  5. You seriously have the best coats :)

    Kara //

  6. the colors are gorgeous!


  7. love this 90s inspired outfit!

  8. The fit of your outfit is great, and with the coat-- awesome!


  9. Such a gorgeous outfit, love the colour combo! X

  10. So pretty !
    This outfit fits you so well, your body is dope ! ;)
    Your coat is awesome btw !


    Delphine from

  11. My mum do notice because she knows it's a part of growing up :) Style evolution speaks for ourself and at every stage of life we have different perspective! My mum is the big fat supporter behind my style and my everything. Awww getting a little emotional here x

    Real Life Nerd

  12. Such a chic look! I really like navy blue, I think it's a very classy color. My parents are so indifferent to my outfit choices at this point, they hardly ever say anything positive or negative when I see them!


  13. such a pretty outfit, love your coat :)

    Becky | BCKY.CO.UK

  14. I love your style! It's a lot like mine so I feel like I can connect with it :) High waisted jeans are the best thing ever.


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