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My Monthly Buys | February 2016

March 3, 2016

Wow, another month down and it's already time for another installment of My Monthly Buys! If you're new to my blog you can check out my January Buys here. In this series I'm chronicling my monthly spending on items deemed "unnecessary" aka things that don't include my rent, bills, gas, groceries, etc. It was actually a horrible financial month towards the end, as my car needed an alternator and a muffler. Luckily my parents were able to help me out since I'm still a struggling post-grad student with loans out the wa-zoo in which I am incredibly grateful for. I'm still trying to control my spending and I have to admit that I'm quite proud of myself. For one, I went into Primark and didn't buy anything! It's becoming a game for me now to go into shops and leave without anything. Is that weird? Hahah.

Clothing: $116
ASOS: $68 Topshop (Nordstrom): $15
It's apparently impossible for me to go a whole month without buying any clothes, haha! But in my defense (which isn't a good excuse either), I am trying to rebuild my wardrobe by focusing on only quality items and basics. I made an ASOS purchase consisting of a navy blue turtleneck I couldn't pass up, as the color has been driving me wild seeing it on other bloggers! I also got a pair of flat chelsea boots from the brand BooHoo because I've been looking for a pair I can wear to work as well as when I'm off duty. (If you saw my January Buys post, you know I bought a pair of heeled chelsea boots...Yes I have a boot obsession, lol.) I also bought a pair of black culottes, but they were too big so I had to send them back :( I need to reorder a smaller size because they are perfect for work (and outside of work as well!) I got 20% off as ASOS was having their President's Day Sale, so I saved quite a bit.

I also popped into Nordstrom during their President's Day sale and scored a ribbed high neck top in black that I've been wanting. I actually didn't know it was on sale until I checked out and was pleasantly surprised! I refrained from buying it in more colors which was probably a good idea in the long run. You can see how I style it in this post.

Burlington Coat Factory: $27 
Since I'm getting back into fitness I decided to purchase some new workout gear to further motivate me. I love discount department stores such as T.J. Maxx or Burlington Coat Factory because you can score brand name clothing for a fraction of the price. I got this black Adidas sports bra for $15 and Calvin Klein leggings which were on clearance for $12! Once spring rolls around I want to buy some workout tank tops and shorts.

Thrift store: $6
Going into a thrift store is always game over for me. I stopped into one on my trip back home where I met up with a friend. The men's department was actually killing it and I found this vintage khaki jacket with a plaid lining. Since it was made in the USA it was an instant yes for me. I also found a men's white tee for 99 cents which is an essential for any wardrobe.

Health/Skin Care-$35
I was in need of a refill on my Organix Tea Tree Mint shampoo and conditioner and it was buy one get one half off at Kmart. Then the sales girl said I had $7 in rewards points so I ended up only paying $6 for both and a pack of bobby pins. What a score! I also picked up an Aveeno body wash at Ross for $6 and some face masks that were on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory for $2. Discounted health care products are my fav.

I also bought the Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Care 4 Piece Kit on Ebay for $21 because I wanted to try it out instead of spending loads on the bigger bottles and not knowing if it will work or not. I honestly haven't really seen any results from them, so it's a good thin g I only got the sample kit. My skin is still prone to breaking seems as though nothing I have tried so far is helping it.

Okay, this Lisa Frank coloring book is reeeally random, but I saw it when I was (randomly) in the Dollar General and had an urge to color. I know adult coloring books are all the rage, but quite frankly I prefer kids coloring books because it's easier (and more fun) to color. It came with super cute stickers and who doesn't love Lisa Frank? I also got a 12 pack of colored pencils because I was due for a fresh pack.

Total expenditures: $156
Okay, compared to last month's $70 total this is a lot, although I don't entirely think it's over the top. The bulk of this was due to my ASOS purchase which I might have gone a little overboard with, but at least it was on quality pieces that I will always gravitate towards. For March I definitely want to cut back to under $100, especially since I'm recovering from the financial mess not only from my car issues, but student loans and a ridiculous electric bill. Is winter over yet???

What are your favorite purchases in the last month? Is there anything you are looking forward to buying in March?

ALSO, a little side note: I am currently unable to reply to comments. I'm not sure if this is an issue due to the template I'm using or not. I have tried contacting the designer, but have still not heard back. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it? Google isn't helping me. But thank you for all your lovely feedback on the name change and my outfit posts, it means so much to me! x


  1. I had huges hopes for that body shop line :/

  2. i love the jacket! i didn't really like the tea tree line as it wasn't really suited towards my skin (it's mainly for oily skin as it's quite drying). have you tried the vitamin e range? i love that one!

    xo Sarah


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