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My Monthly Buys | January 2016

February 10, 2016

Hey y'all! I'm premiering a new monthly series on here called "My Monthly Buys" so obviously the first installation is what I bought last January! I've been inspired by other bloggers that are chronicling their monthly purchases, which is actually a great idea to 1) show you all what I've bought and 2) help me keep track of my spending habits. One of my goals for 2016 is to spend less money on things I don't necessarily need, but more specifically on clothing. I have done pretty well this month, but there are some factors that helped me achieve this:
-My new job only pays me once a month, so I have been forced to better manage my money
-It's winter and my electric bill goes through the roof from January-March, so I need to save my pennies for that

I've been slowly trying to learn about and adapt into a more minimalist lifestyle by reading it about it on blogs and articles and also listening to podcasts from The Minimalists

So, with this lifestyle change, here are my January Buys!

I picked up all of these items at my local thrift store I frequent. I can't believe I found a black Adidas jacket in a size small (a medium would actually fit better, but oh well), as well as some Nike gear. The mock neck sweatshirt is comfy and cute and this vintage wind breaker is pure actually came with sweatpants too, but I am donating that back lol. And lastly is this super cute baby pink turtleneck that I've been wearing a ton! Thrifting justifies my spending habits because it's recycled fashion. I am trying to only focus on quality pieces now, or pieces I actually need.

I have been wanting a pair of black ankle boots for a while and I finally took the plunge and purchased this pair from Public Desire at the beginning of January. I have been wearing them in a bunch of my outfit posts, so they are an instant fav! Definitely a staple piece to add to my capsule wardrobe I am trying to create.

Beauty/Skin Care-$5
Part of this financial plan is to spend less on clothes so I can try out products for my skin. I am turning 26 in April and finally realized I need to take measures to treat my skin. I've also been breaking out more and have redness and scarring. I decided to try the St. Ives Blemish Control that's meant to prevent acne and minimize pores. I haven't really noticed any changes yet, so I'm not sure if it takes a while or just doesn't work for my skin.
I don't remember when I bought this travel pack of Simple cleansing wipes, but I'm just going to include it in this post. I think they were a $1 at Target so I decided to give them a whirl.

I am planning to purchase some products from the Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil line so hopefully that will help with my skin issues I've been having. Do you have any reccommendations for skin products to treat acne/blackheads/breakouts?

I needed a second travel mug for work so I decided to buy this one from Burlington Coat Factory when I went shopping with my friends. It has a map on it and says "Get out and see the world." I found it fitting, because I love maps and exploring.

Total expenses: $70
Of course, this number doesn't reflect my other expenditures, such as rent, bills, gas, and groceries. I am not sure what this number means to me just yet, which means I need to create a budget for myself.  I have already been buying quite a few things this month (thankfully it's the shortest month of the year!) so I will have a lot to track for my next post.

What do you think of this series? Do you have any tips or tricks for balancing finances and creating budgets?


  1. Love this series, I love seeing what other people spend on clothes/etc, I'm planning on doing this too (for only clothing) but since I did no-shop January it didn't happen. Also I only get paid once per month as well and I HATE it, it's so hard to adjust to!

    $70 is really good, I need to get back into thrifting, I used to in college and I've stopped, you're inspiring me!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  2. I just love this series, I should do that too but sadly I spend most of my money on food haha. But I am so in love with your new shoes, they are so beautiful!

  3. Loveee the shoes! I've been looking for a pair like those

  4. keep up with this "series"! Love it!

  5. I think the series is a great idea, Sheila. Those shoes are gorgeous, by the way, and ahh, I just realized you changed your blog name; I love it!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'

  6. I love those chunky boots! I've been wanting a pair as well! :)

    be the plebeian

  7. I love those boots !

  8. That baby pink turtleneck is everything! It's nice to hear about others managing their money, because I'm also trying to be a better steward of my funds. xx

  9. I love those boots ♥

  10. nice! i used to use st. ives in high school :)

  11. cool boots!! and i totally use the simple wipes too!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  12. The Adidas jacket is awesome! I'm looking for something like that but I can't find it anywhere T.T

  13. I love the Adidas jacket, and you'd pay so much for it new so well done on finding the bargain ;)

    Claire | xx


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