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January 31, 2016

A line skirt Red Cardigan
A-line skirts (especially the button-up kind!) are really in trend right now so here's me styling another black one (you can see how I style a vintage denim one here) I got this one from Yoins after winning a blog giveaway for a voucher (didn't expect that at all). I styled it with a striped turtleneck, a dark red cardigan from T.J. Maxx, and my new Public Desire boots of course! I'm really loving this cardigan, it's the perfect shade of red.

A-line skirt

Red Sweatera-line skirt
 I do have some issues with this skirt, as the buttons scare me the way they randomly pop off when I wear it. Because of this, I haven't worn the skirt out anywhere yet. Does this happen to all these kinds of skirts or just the lower quality ones? I really want one from Topshop (you can see my Topshop Winter Wishlist here!) but I guess I will have to wait until I have the funds.

What do you think of a-line skirts?? Also February is tomorrow, yay!

Cardigan: T.J. Maxx /// Turtleneck: Forever 21 /// Skirt; Yoins /// Boots: Public Desire


  1. I am a MASSIVE fan of A-line skirt, they are so flattering! The button-up kind are also my favourite hahaha love your outfit, it's so casual but still cute! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. Love your outfit, girl. Perhaps, the button issue can be remedied with some clever stitching? Just a thought :)

    Btw, you're on our post here ;)

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  3. I am totally digging button up skirts. I see them all over but have yet to make the purchase myself. Love the layering you did as well. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  4. beautiful sense for style and lovely blog!!



  5. Perfect:) xx

  6. I loooveeeee A-line skirts, it accentuates the waist really nicely, but I've yet to try a button up one because the ones that I've seen around are just too expensive =/ Either that, or my size is always out of stock T__T Looking stunning as always Sheila ;)


  7. I loove those skirts! I totally understand why'd you be scared of the buttons!

  8. Love the skirt perfect for your stripe top :)


  9. Love this outfit! x


  10. I'm such a fan of A-line skirts too, they are such a flattering shape! I really like how you styled yours. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

  11. Trendy and urban! You're stylish ❤

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