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Witch Vibes Only

October 31, 2015

I know I can't be the only one out there who wishes they were a witch. If you saw my Summer Witch Vibes post from the summer than you already know I'm obsessed with American Horror Story Coven and how I wish they would make a spin-off series of it. I really just want to throw people against the wall with my mind, that's all! Anyway, here's a witch-inspired look for the fall time in this midi dress from Dressin that I LOVE. It's so comfy and a great length, even if you are short like me and feel weird in dresses that go past your knee. I guess the fact that it has a high waist line and stops right below the knee helps too. And don't forget a nice heel for extra height.

The Perfect Fall Outfit

October 27, 2015

 I'm a little obsessed with this outfit, doesn't it just scream faaaall? The center of the stage is definitely the rust colored turtleneck sweater, but this denim skort is just as amazing. And guess what? They were both purchased at the thrift store (SCORE). A match made in heaven, I must say. You guys know I love me some thrift store goodies.

Shorts In October

October 24, 2015

Rust Must-Haves For Fall

October 20, 2015

rust color clothing wishlist

The color rust is so on trend right now and I've officially become obsessed. To celebrate my new found obsession, I decided to put together some "rust must haves" for this fall. I know this color is probably most associated with the 70s trend, which I'm not super into, but I think it can be worn in more minimal and grungy ways. I have two rust colored pieces in my wardrobe so far & I'm excited to style them. (Psst, stay tuned for my next post.) The color is so perfect for this season and is a great alternative for the super bright "Halloween" color, especially when paired with black.

Are you wearing rust this fall? What do you think of this color and which from above is your favorite? The pieces I selected here are from ASOS, Forever 21, H&M, and Misguided. I provided links so be sure to check them out! 

The Neck Scarf

October 19, 2015

style neck scarf trend
I've been seeing neck scarves for a little while now in the blogosphere and although I will never stop thinking it makes you look like a flight attendant, I always like to try trends out for myself. I actually have a pretty extensive silk scarf collection because I was really into them in high school, wearing them as bandanas (it was the cool thing to do back then). Nowadays I don't really wear them anymore, so they just hang on my wall looking pretty. All (but one I think) of my scarves have been thrifted or handed down to me, as I don't believe in paying full retail price for one. This is a good tip for any of you out there that want to try the trend without spending a ton! You can usually find them in the $.50-$5 range.

This Girl Is On Fire

October 16, 2015

My new relationship with this bomb-ass bomber jacket was all based on a whim. I happened to stumble upon a Goodwill thrift store while trying to find coffee, and when the gods grace you with a Goodwill, you go in. I found this jacket in the "Athletic" section of the Halloween stuff for only $7! You can find some really good everyday stuff deemed "Halloween" in the thrift store, it's honestly just better curated pieces! The bonus is that it's super warm which makes me super happy. The Nike cap was purchased at the same place as well for $1.97 and the jeans are vintage Levi's which I also thrifted a while back. GUYS, I love thrift stores. Haha.

Loss For Words

October 13, 2015

I love pairing this light blue jacket from Dressgal with an all black outfit because it just pops. I haven't worn these booties from Clarks in a while and I forgot how comfy they are for how high they are. I've definitely been on the hunt for a flat pair of black chelsea boots. Alas, the search continues...This jacket is nice for light layering to add a little more dimension to an outfit.

A Girl Can Dream: Autumn Party Dresses with Sherry London

October 9, 2015

Cheap Sherry London fall fashion outfits
My style is definitely changing as I am slowly "growing up." I mean, I bought a pair of nude heels the other day! With that said, I'd like to talk about Sherry London, an online shop based in the UK that specializes in formal dresses perfect for parties, prom, homecoming, and weddings. Now I'm way passed attending any homecomings or proms, but parties and weddings are definitely events I am dreaming about attending in the near future. If I could just go to one fancy-smancy party in my life, I would die happy. I have teamed up with Sherry London to show you all some dresses perfect for any autumn party, real or imaginary! And of course I have ideas about how to dress these pieces down, because I am one of practicality and getting multiple uses out of clothing. I got you girrrrl!

Hello October

October 6, 2015

 October...such a great month. Fall is in full swing. I've been dressing a little on the dark side lately. Totally inspired by American Horror Story Coven (can I just be a witch in real life?) as well as in this post from the summer. I do love pastel colors against a mostly black look, and this blue shirt from Dressin has a really cool hem line that pops against my shorts.

Sporty Lookbook

October 3, 2015

I've been obsessed with the sporty trend lately so here's a lookbook I put together of some ~sporty-chic inspired~ outfits. Let me know which one is your favorite and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos! I also have a back to school/early fall lookbook which you can watch here.
P.S. I know I've been M.I.A. on here lately...something has happened in the past week and I am thinking of addressing it in a separate blog post. Until then...
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