June 2015 | In Search of Sheila

Summertime Sadness

June 28, 2015

I got that summertime sadness...forreal though all I've been doing this entire month is working my ass off and doing school work. Thankfully my final project for my summer class is due next Wednesday and then I'm free until the end of August! I've also been working 40+ hours between my two jobs and I'm utterly exhausted. Yesterday was my first day off in 9 days and it was rainy and gloomy allll day. I did manage to snap some photos later in the evening when it stopped raining so here we are! It makes me so much happier when I can shoot a look when I have time to :)

Prelude to Summer

June 8, 2015

Back on that blogging grind, sorry I've been absent (insert school/work excuses!)... But anyway, here's an outfit I really dig. This romper I thrifted is so cute and comfy! I can't believe I debated really hard about getting this (it was only $5, too!) because when I tried it on I thought it looked weird on me, but the pattern and collar instantly sold me.
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