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September 21, 2015

When I was little I was a tomboy and loved to play random sports, even though I wasn't that good. I did play soccer for seven years, but everything else was just kind of a pick me being one of those. My dad bought my brother and I cheap rackets from local yard sales and we'd always go to the park and play. Sometimes I would just play by myself with a big concrete wall to bounce the ball off of. Nowadays you might find me trying to play tennis on Wii Sports, but still kinda not that good. Here's a look I put together styling this white tennis skirt from Dressin. I actually ordered a size too big and it doesn't fit me the way I would like :( So sad, and again an issue I always have with online shopping. 

I paired the skirt with this ribbed crop top from F21. I love how stretchy it is and we should all know by now that ribbed-anything is a big trend for this season. The socks are also from F21 and I love that they give just the right sporty touch combined with the baseball hat. They have other colors so be sure to check out the links down below to all the items in this post :) I'm totally obsessed with sporty outfits right now!

Are you a fan of tennis skirts? Have you ever played tennis before? 

Top: Forever 21 /// Skirt: c/o Dressin /// Socks: Forever 21 /// Sandals: c/o Newdress /// Hat: Amazon 


  1. THIS OUTFIT <3333 !!! I'm seriously in love with your style

    Basic Is The Mood

  2. I was a tomboy before, too, though it was badminton and not tennis for me! Haha, loving this sporty look, and eek, your socks and sandals combo is to die for!

    May | THE MAYDEN


  4. I LOVE this outfit. I'm a total sucker for pairing sporty with girly, and I'm borderline freaking out how good those socks look with those shoes. I'm slow clapping for this look.

  5. I love the sport/school girl vibe of these photos!


  6. I love the sporty look you got there! Definitely shows preppy in there as well which I loveeeee~ I've wanted a tennis skirt for ages but they always run out of my size T__T I'm so bad at tennis, I prefer badminton :P

    Kelly ♡

  7. Such a pretty outfit, and i love how you styled it! Look very good in all of these outfits.

  8. Really love the sporty look! You're tennis skirt is so nice and love the length and how you paired it with a darker/richer toned top
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  9. I tried playing tennis... I sucked haha!
    I love the color combo in this look!

  10. I've played tennis as a child, but not for long ;) And I've never worn a tennis skirt :D I don't know if it is a help for you, but the skirt doesn't look too big at all, it looks great on you!

  11. That is such a cute skirt!


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