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Early Fall ASOS Wishlist

September 2, 2015

Happy September! I thought I put together a few pieces that have caught my eye from ASOS that would be cute for early fall/autumn.

1. Checked Skirt:
I'm still obsessed with check/grid prints, especially in black and white. I love the a-line and scallop details of this piece, and it would be super cute to transition into fall with maroon or black knee-high socks.

2. Duster Coat
So obsessed with dusty pastel colors at the moment, especially in outwear-form. I actually saw this coat in cream in a recent haul on Sammi's (aka BeautyCrush) Youtube channel. ASOS also has this in an "ash blue" and "dusky green" but I'm loving the pink the most as it would add some color to a neutral or all black outfit which I'm prone to wearing.

3. Leather Tote
I've been wanting a big bag for school and my internship because backpacks a) don't look as professional (haha) and b) aren't as easily accessible. This was actually in Sammi's haul as well (lol) but she got it in a cream color which isn't on the U.S. site. It is real leather btw.

4. Chelsea Boots
Honestly, black boots or any type of shoe in general will always make its way into my closet. I try to branch out of this spectrum, but my outfits always seem to need black footwear. I really like the zipper on it as it adds some edge. Perfect for fall!

Are you lusting any pieces at the moment? Anything in particular you are excited to buy for fall/autumn? Let me know in the comments and links to products are welcomed!


  1. I've actually been eyeing these booties as well, they're so pretty and you're right, one can never have too many black boots! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. I love everything on this list, but the duster coat wouldn't suit me because I'm just too short to pull it off T_T

    Kelly ♡

  3. I have a leather tote so similar to that one! It's my everyday bag and it's just so versatile, I love it!
    Also love ur outfits, check my blog for some brazilian stuff :P

  4. I really like the tote, definitely going to go look at that now :P


  5. Great picks, adore that tote bag!



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