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Back 2 Cool

August 24, 2015

Hey y'all I'm super stoked to be back with outfit posts! I took a little hiatus because of work and vacation...but this week I start back my job on campus, my internship, and have a really exciting fashion archives class! This also means I will have more time to focus on my blog so yay! I thought it'd be appropriate to feature a back to school look with some key pieces: a striped t-shirt, denim skirt, and Converse All Stars.

I received this top from Newdress and am currently obsessed with it. I know I have a million striped shirts, but a girl can never get enough. This one is stretchy and super comfy. I paired it with this denim skirt that's pretty trendy at the moment that I thrifted a few years ago. The Converse I've had since 8th grade and the hat I picked up on the boardwalk at a 99 cent shop. I added the scrunchie from Forever 21 for some flair (ha).

Are any of you going back to school soon or already started? Let me know what your key back to school pieces are down below :)

Shirt: c/o New Dress /// Skirt + Belt + Bag: thrifted /// Shoes: Converse /// Hat: 99 cent store /// Scrunchie: Forever 21


  1. I don't go back to university until the end of September which gives me plenty of time to sort out my wardrobe for the fall :D My key back to school pieces are probably skinny jeans, graphic tee/ sweatshirt and a hoodie. So casual and comfortable yet can be styled in many ways, great for lazy days but want to look different every day ^__^

    I like how you paired the stripey top with a A-line skirt, makes it look very sophisticated. You also added the belt which makes a plain outfit look a bit more dressed up and accentuate the waist slightly more - love your style :)

    Kelly ♡

    1. lucky!! you can never go wrong with jeans and a hoodie tbh.

      thanks girl! xx

  2. cute look! has a vintage vibe - loving the button-up denim skirt!

  3. Back to School done right! I love it! Oooh, your fashion archives class sound really interesting, I hope you enjoy!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. thank you! I start it tomorrow and can't wait :)

  4. I love this outfit! You're really cute :)

  5. you look way too adorable! loving the stripes. Hope you have a lovely week! :)

    Metallic Paws

  6. Looooove this outfit omg! Totally what I would wear <3

    Basic is the Mood

  7. I really like your blog:) Kisses!

  8. hey bootiful!

    just came across your blog ! New follower here on GFC :D

    Drop by my blog if you'd like <3


    ♥ Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  9. Cool look for back to school. Love the skirt.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  10. great back to school look, i adore your skirt! <3

    lovely post!
    check out my blog + follow back?

    Jess |

  11. I was looking for new blogs to read and stopped by yours.. It is really great blog! Beautiful pictures and interesting text! Do you want to follow each other? Let me know on my blog :)

  12. Just found your blog! Where in PA are you from? Im in harrisburg!! PA Bloggers unite! lol

    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  13. love the denim skirt babe x


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