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Summer Witch Vibes

July 30, 2015

I started watching Season 3, "Coven" of American Horror Story and it's been rubbing off on me lately...I even had a dream the other day that was a made up episode! If you haven't heard of the show it's on Netflix and chronicles modern day witches and the struggles they face amongst themselves and the non-witch world. I'm obsessed! Needless to say I was pretty stoked when I found this location with all the graffiti, as I think it pairs well with my Coven inspired outfit featuring this cover up from Dresslink.

Also, shoutout to me for taking these shots, I had to walk over a muddy creek each time to set the self timer, but the boots were high enough that they weren't too harmed! I decided to keep this look muted with lack of color and added a dark lip. The shorts are also from Dresslink and look like American Apparel dupes. The button on the side of them actually fell off, but that can be easily fixed. For the price, you can't get mad about it.

I really love the lace detailing of the cover up, and I think it will transition well into my early fall looks, which will probably be extra 'witchy'. Only a few more months until Halloween! Be sure to check out this post where I talk more about Dresslink's sizing & prices!

Also! I'm hosting a giveaway where you can win a free pair of prescription glasses from Firmoo! Check out this post for more details and on how to enter :)

 Cover up: Dresslink* /// Top: Rue 21 /// Shorts: Dresslink/// Boots: Amazon /// Hat: Forever 21 via Depop

*Items were kindly gifted by Dresslink


  1. wow, what a adorable outfit! I love your outfit, these pictures are amazing!
    I like how everything in this outfit matches.

  2. AHS Coven is one of my favourite ever series! You look great, like the next Supreme ;) x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. I love this style so much, pretty and dangerous!
    I write about Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews and something about inflatable stuffs. If you have time, come to my blog.

  4. love season 3 of ahs! can totally see the witchy vibes

  5. Heard about that show but never seen it, might as well check it out since I just finished "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell" very good show, definitely recommend, it's a fantasy world too! :D
    I love the cover up, it's extremely cool the way you styled it with the choker and booties! Oh man, completely forgot Halloween is coming, yaaay, I love Halloween! :D

  6. Really nice kimono!


  7. Oooooh girl i hear ya with the self timer on the camera haha i have a remote for mine now. thank god!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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