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April 20, 2015

Long time no blog post, but you know I have my excuses. I am so ready for this semester to be over, let me tell you that. I have not felt like myself in probably 2 or 3 weeks because of my final papers and such which meant I was hella uninspired. And I am so behind on reading everyone's blogs, I am so sorry. Once I finished my draft for my huge research paper I honestly felt rejuvenated and inspired felt so great.

I wore this outfit this past Friday and decided to add these frilly white socks to add to the overall badass vibe I was going for. I got these pants last summer and if you've been around that long you might remember I blogged them before, but in a more 70's aesthetic. I really need more comfy pants like this in my life because there are so many days I don't want to wear constricting pants or tights, but it's too cold for bare legs! Also I am really sad that the choker I am wearing here broke :( I need to order some new ones.

It feels great to be blogging again, once school is out I will get back on that grind!

Sweater: Aeropostale /// Crop top: T.J. Maxx /// Pants: Burlington Coat Factory /// Socks + Choker: Amazon /// Boots: ASOS

Get this look for $96+ on Lookastic: White Cardigan, Grey Cropped Top, Black Print Capri Pants, White Socks, and Black Lace Ankle Boots


  1. I'm tired with school too, gah. I'm currently trying to start doing aIl kinds of things on my free time, something different than usually... I need similar socks, I don't have any cute pairs!

  2. You look great! I also want this semester to be over. I hate sitting with books all day! ;P

  3. Nice trousers!!

  4. I'm in love with this outfit! It's really cute and different but really wearable as well, those trousers are fab :D

  5. I don't blame you! Being a grad student must be very hard! I'm amazed that you have the energy and will to start a blog while being a grad student.
    It puts up a lot of pressure since theres a lot of work but at the same time balance between blog and studying so much.
    Nonetheless, it's good to see that you are posting cuz I love your outfit here.

    Those dainty daisy pants are so cuteeeeee. Great outfit! Grungy and cute yes!

  6. Ah yes, the crazy college madness, totally understand your frustration, I'm quite happy you finally finished the dreaded paper! :D
    I am stunned by this outfit, this is my favorite ensemble of yours ever! The pants, the cute socks, the cozy cardi everything is just perfectly matched, I want to steal everything! *_*

  7. Lovely outfit *^*
    So pretty :3

    I'm following you. Follow back?
    Sleepy Deer

  8. You look so cool !
    Love those pants, dear !

  9. Love this, reminds me of the 90s a bit! And I adore the edgy boots and frilly socks together!

  10. Love this look! I don't think I could pull it off but you look absolutely adorable and amazing. Those glasses are so cute on you!

    xx freshfizzle

  11. looking good

  12. lovely quirky outfit, so unique <3
    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram? Let me know :)



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