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Underworld USA

July 30, 2014

Here's a quick outfit from last week. I've had this shirt for a while and decided to crop it for a better fit--I would rarely ever wear it! Also my black shorts and geometric necklace from F21 that have been constants this summer.


July 24, 2014

The funny thing about this outfit is I kindof needed to hitch a ride when I was wearing it. My friend and I were dropped off at a park to hang around and take photos...then we got bored and attacked by mosquitoes so we made a conscious decision to start walking toward...something (our ride was at a family function that ran longer than we expected). I think after about 20 minutes we made it to a main rode and grabbed drinks and a light meal at this random bar/restaurant. This photos were taken in some Chicago suburban neighborhood (I visited a friend this past weekend and went to Pitchfork on Sunday!)

July 4

July 6, 2014

Sooo I've exceeded my bandwidth on photobucket for the month, what the heck! I guess that is kindof a good thing but more bad than good, lol. So I've switched hosts right now, sigh!! The sad thing is I don't think my pictures will be back for weeks and I'm not really sure what to do ;( Anyway here's an outfit from the 4th that I wore to work and then to see fireworks. The weather was chilly by nighttime and I was kinda bummed because it's July!

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