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Walking on a Pretty Day

April 28, 2014

Happy Monday! I had a great weekend...yesterday was my 24th birthday and I spent it with friends and family. My precious dog even got to visit me :D The night before I worked late and came home to dinner, cake, and presents. My friends are the best and know me so well.

I guess I should talk about this outfit. Yes, I'm wearing this coral jacket again...it's such a great color. I've also shared this daisy print dress before but haven't showed it ~on~ so here ya go.

I also got creepers! They were on clearance for $5.49...definitely my budget.

Jacket: Bongo /// Dress: Kohls /// Shoes: Mudd
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We're Just Nervous Kids

April 24, 2014

These American Apparel shortalls are so old I don't even remember when I bought them.

I've been trying to revert to my old photography days and doing more than just the run of the mill outfit photo. I've been inspired by Lookbook lately, and the fact that everyone needs a break from reality once in a while.

Top: Boscovs /// Shortalls: American Apparel /// Shoes: Clarks

Easter Sunday

April 21, 2014

It's been a while since I've showed some leg on the blog so I wanted to give them a warm welcoming for 2014. Easter Sunday was a nice day...sunshine, warmth, friends, and good food. I finally got the knee highs out.

I've been wanting to take a crack at the stripe/floral mixed print trend but haven't found it feasible until I decided to take this old dress out of my storage closet. I layered a striped crop top over it and voila!

The dark jean jacket kept me toasty against the sudden gusts of wind, as well as bringing the whole look together, I feel.

My best friend Alicia has been taking my outfit photos lately and I'm gonna have to give her props because I love these shots so much! Lastly, I finally added a sidebar to my page...hopefully it looks a little more polished and navigable!

Jacket: Levi's /// Top: Marshall's /// Skirt (dress): Forever 21 (old) /// Shoes: Target /// Bag: Nine West

Record Store Day

April 20, 2014

Record Store Day is a pretty big day for avid vinyl fans across the world that celebrates independently owned record stores. People wake up super early to wait in line to get limited edition vinyls that are specifically released in honor of the annual event. My boyfriend got this shirt for free after he bought a turntable for his brother. I found it appropriate to sport it all day.

 I layered a plaid button up to add a bit of grunge/punk to my look, but the brown oxfords make it more me. I do tend to wear black t-shirts on occasion, usually a band or club tee. So here's a pretty general way that I would style them...high waist shorts + sheer tights, printed flannel or sweater, and some cute yet functional shoes.

T-shirt: Crosley /// Flannel: thrifted /// Shorts: T.J. Maxx /// Shoes: Franco Sarto
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Any Colour You Like

April 16, 2014

I opted for staying inside for the majority of the day...we got some snow/ice last night and it was a pretty cold day compared to what we've been experiencing. It's honestly not uncommon at all, just a real bummer. On a different note, I was semi-productive today and trimmed my bangs! I watched a video tutorial and I think they came out pretty well considering I learned an effective technique. My past experiences have turned out pretty uneven, haha.

I've had this top for a while now and recently cut it into a functioning crop top which I really dig. The contrasting stripe patterns are pretty neat.

Top: Ebay /// Jeans: T.J. Maxx /// Shoes: Dr. Martens

Cooking Up Something Good

April 13, 2014

I went to a coworker's birthday cookout/bonfire on Saturday and had a lot of fun! I finally got to wear one of my thrifted shawls I've been waiting two and a half months to wear. It was pretty warm...especially sitting in the sun. I almost broke a sweat.

Shawl: thrifted /// Top: Forever 21 /// Shorts: Levi's cutoffs /// Shoes: Minnetonka /// Hat: H&M

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Off the Grid

April 10, 2014

I went to this secretish spot with my friend Christian yesterday. I say secretish because most of the college students in the town I live in don't know about it. I guess you could say I channeled my inner doe a midst an enchanted forest in this picture...I couldn't resist posing with make-shift antlers. We even saw three little deer across the water!

This is definitely a more laid back casual outfit for me. Jeans make me feel like I'm in a dreamland, away from reality. I think the reason is because I can't wear jeans at work, ha. Also, another positive attribute of spring is...no socks! Got out my moccasins out...perfect for exploring.

My friend Beth gave me this bag, it's a true beauty.

This week has been a little more spontaneous than usual...but good things came out of it. I'm excited for the weekend!

Sweater: Max Studio /// Top: Ross  /// Jeans: BDG /// Shoes: Minnetonka  /// Bag: c/o a friend
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