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Whatever Friday

March 28, 2014

TGIF. I woke up today and did some internetting in my bed and then after a little while I realized a spider was crawling on me!!! I instantly jumped out of bed, screaming, and decided it was time to get ready for the day. I'm not sure if it was the spider or what but once I took a shower and got dressed I was in a super whatever mood and threw this ensemble on. Usually I go through a million different outfit ideas before I actually decide on something but this is the second time this week I actually kept my first choice on. I feel like since it's getting a little warmer it is definitely becoming less stressful to dress myself. 

I wanted to reach outside of my usual comfort zone today (Whatever Friday!), and not that I don't wear crop tops, cut off shorts, and intricately see-through tights, but this combo is something I always seem to gloss over when I get dressed. It's honestly a confidence thing...but anyways I also want to talk about this cardigan I'm wearing. It's actually a dress my mom gave me (I wore it in this post) and now it's a long layering piece which I'm in love with. Inspiration credit goes to Jenn Im of 'clothesencounters' on Youtube. Who knew I could wear long maxi dresses as cardigans?! That girl is seriously one of my fashion idols right now, check her channel out here!

Have a lovely weekend all ! xx

Cardigan (dress): vintage c/o mom /// Crop top: T.J. Max /// Shorts: vintage cut off Levi's /// Boots: Clarks /// Head scarf: c/o an old roommate

Snippets of Last Week: Part II

Here are the rest of last week's shots! I hope everyone has a good weekend, it's actually rainy and gloomy today but the temperature is up and it's humid!!! xx

Snippets of Last Week: Part I

March 26, 2014


here are some shots from last week...these were all taken in one fun-filled afternoon of country drives, record store browsing, and thrift store shopping. I will post a part II later in the week so for now, happy Hump day!

Beautiful Mysterious

March 24, 2014

Here's a more springy look from Friday. I'm wearing thin tights, woo! I ended up doing a lot in this outfit...went with my friends to a local barber shop so they could get their ears lowered, the farmer's market, the local park, and then eventually a show in Philly (sans hat). I swear every time I decide to wear this hat it's windy. Which also brings me to my next statement: I need a new hat. You guys are probably sick of it by me, I'm on the hunt. This dress though. I've had it for years and I think I'm going to be wearing it a lot more now that I'm  finding more things to layer over it. This grungy flannel shirt has been on this blog quite recently but it's too good not to show off again. I need more thrifted flannels too!

Last week was a pretty awesome week. Got to hang with good people and explore some places. Sometime this week I'm going to post random 'adventure' photos which is what I'm striving for with this blog along with fashiony stuff. Now that spring is in bloom I should be able to kick this into gear. Happy Monday!

Flannel: American Eagle, thrifted /// Dress: American Apparel /// Shoes: Keds /// Hat: H&M /// Bag: thrifted

Pastel Spring

March 20, 2014

Happy spring to all!!! I was very excited today and wore a pastel color palette to welcome the new season.

I didn't realize how light this shirt is. It looks pretty pink to me in person, but colors are capable of not translating justice in photos. Paired with my light denim skinnies and new white platforms I feel like I had a pretty 'spring-like' inspired outfit. Pastels are totally in right now, that is certainly clear. I decided to contrast the lightness with my grey cardigan and hangbag. Balanced?

I actually did some cool things today such as, going to my favorite burrito place and then a record and thrift store! I suppose I can post photos of that adventure later. I was happy that it was warm today but it was also extremely windy...if you can't already tell from these photos. Oh well, standing underneath the sunshine absorbing its warm rays made it totally worth it.

Sweater: Macy's /// Top + Jeans: T.J Maxx /// Shoes: Union Bay via Kohls

Prelude to Spring

March 16, 2014

I realize it's 'getting warmer' in different geological locations, but here in Pennsylvania  the month of March means sporadic spring-like temperatures and sunshine followed by below freezing days with a chance of snow. It was cold when I took these photos, I'm so over it. Lets just say I'm excited for April... it's also my birthday month. :)

All my outfit ideas lately are for spring...even this one, really. I paired black with dark floral in honor of the countdown to spring. The top is sheer and has cutouts along the whole length of both arms which you can see in the second photo. I feel like the hat, pointed booties, and distressed forest setting give off a witchy vibe. Where's my broom?

Top & Shorts: T.J. Maxx /// Shoes: Vintage /// Hat: H&M

Vertical Stripes

March 9, 2014

Believe it or not it was quite enjoyable taking photos yesterday. Warm temperatures and sunshine, I thank you for gracing us with your presence. I wore this outfit to the local farmer's market and then later to work. I think they tell short girls that vertical stripes make you look taller so hopefully I achieved that. I got these leggings at T.J. Maxx and they are my new favorite. They are high waisted so when I bend over they don't fall down, what a concept! They are also the perfect length and super opaque and tight-like. I hate crinkles in my leggings! I think adding the yellow head scarf gave this look a more put to-gether vibe...and of course some color!

Sweater: J.C. Penny /// Top: thrifted /// Leggings: T.J. Maxx /// Shoes: vintage /// Bag: T.J. Maxx /// Scarf: thrifted

Neutral Selection

March 5, 2014

I splurged over the weekend and purchased this wool hat and striped top from H&M! The hat is pretty amazing though...and the shirt was justified because of the shape and fit. Of course I picked a windy day to wear my new hat and take photos, it almost blew away lol. I drove up to what is known around here as a look can see practically the whole town it's pretty cool.

I like how this photo is pretty dim compared to the rest...oh the power of fickle sun and angles.

Went with a neutral color palette with my trusty brownish sweater I've already worn to death. It hibernated for a little while but I decided to bring it back to pop my stripe shirt and contrast with the dark denim. I feel like all these pieces can be considered 'basic' wardrobe staples...dark jeans, striped shirt, neutral sweater, brown can't go wrong. Add a black hat and bag and you're ready to go!

Sweater: c/o mom /// Top: H&M /// Jeans: Burlington Coat Factory /// Boots: T.J. Maxx /// Hat: H&M /// Bag: Nine West via T.J. Maxx

Thinking Spring: Nostalgic Floral

March 2, 2014

Happy March! February kind of flew by just as I expected. Here are a few pieces I've recently purchased at Kohls that have got me thinking about spring. These are so 90s, I love it! I love the daisy print dress...paired with a leather jacket and platform heel it'll be so 90s grunge, something I love even more. Can't wait for spring to come so I can wear socks instead of tights with my dresses. The sneakers would go great with high waisted shorts and skirts in the summer time. Definitely a nice staple piece for my wardrobe.
 Shopping has kind of been an addiction for me lately but I'm not really complaining. 

Dress: Kohls /// Shoes: Union Bay via Kohls similar
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