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Oversized T-shirt

February 27, 2014

Okay so I'm sorry about how there's this huge pipe right behind my head in these photos. It's really cold and windy outside and I can't even bear to walk somewhere from my car...let alone take outfit photos. So here is my parent's basement and a huge pipe behind my head. I don't think it's that distracting...

Apologies aside, here is an outfit in which I feel kindof gangsta fab in. Only if I had gold hoops, that'd prob complete it. I guess the Dr. Martens also pull away from that vibe to give it a more 90s casual look with punk elements. This oversized t-shirt has the craziest sleeves, but is totally working for me. Found it in my dad's closet, obviously. I can't wait for it to be summer so I can wear it untucked...it makes a perfect dress. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait!

T-shirt: Dad's /// Belt: Old Navy /// Jeans: T.J. Maxx /// Shoes: Dr. Martens /// Necklace: c/o mom 

Video Blog: Thrift Haul

February 24, 2014

Shawl: no brand, $4.99 // Black lace top: Notations, 3.49 @ 35% off = $2.27

 Dress: Paraella, 5.99 @ 35% off = $3.90 /// Skirt: Loft by Ann Taylor, 4.99 @ 35% off = $3.24
 Shawl: no brand, $3.99

Bag: Amanda Smith, $4.99

I apologize for such a delay on this! I've been busy with work and relaxing when I'm not at work so blogging hasn't exactly been my #1 priority...whoa! I took some photos to give you guys a better impression of each item since the video quality isn't the greatest. I had fun making this video and I hope you guys like it considering this is my first video blog ever. I plan on making more videos in the future. All items were purchased at a local thrift store by my boyfriend's house and all clothing was 35% off. I spent about $20 on six pieces and now I feel like I'm repeating myself from the video. What pieces are your favorite? How would you style each piece? Thanks for watching, and enjoy!

New Jeans

February 20, 2014

I am really excited about this new pair of BDG jeans I got the other day at work at a super cool discounted price. My coworker who checked them out for me said they were amazing--hit the right areas and accentuated the curves.  Well, I can also vouch that they fit great and are my new favorite jeans of the moment. I styled them with this floral top my friend April gave me that actually used to be a dress. I always wonder what the shape was like before she cut it! Lastly, the black cardigan and boots gave this look a more rocker chic type look.

I experimented with pink lipstick today from Wet n' Wild. I feel it blended well with the colors in my shirt. I was pretty excited about how these photos came out...we had a temperature warm up today and sunshine. I also found a nice spot to shoot which was cool. I kept hearing ice melting all around me it--kind of eerie and sounded like human being, ha. Regardless I was pretty stoked about life today.

Okay, so I have my thrift haul footage shot but I need more time to work on it. Got side tracked tonight and went shopping with my best friend. I have some more bits of editing to do and of course I want it to be perfect.

Cardigan: Old Navy /// Top: Kimichi Blue, c/o a friend /// Belt: Body Central /// Jeans: BDG via T.J. Maxx Similar /// Boots: Clarks /// Lipstick: Wet n Wild

Some Sunshine

February 17, 2014

Hey y'all...I'm happy to say I have some outdoor ootd's! I have indoor shots from the other night but I decided to post this set first to mix up the photo shoot flow on the blog. Sunshine today...couldn't ask for anything else, really. 

 I went thrifting today and found amazing stuff. This place had great stuff...and also 35% off discount on regular priced clothing! (Thank you President's Day.) I decided to wear a crop top because well...it was kindof warm out, paired with these cool mom jeans my friend Beth gave me. To counter the monochromatic color scheme I paired a mint green belt and bright red bag.

I'm going to do a thrift haul video soon! I'll probably shoot it Wednesday and maybe have it posted that night or Thursday, hopefully. I'm excited to share my finds with you guys. Stay tuned!

Cardigan: Burlington Coat Factory /// Crop Top: T.J. Maxx /// Mom Jeans: c/o a friend /// Shoes: Keds /// Belt: Body Central /// Bag: thrifted

In The Spirit of...

February 14, 2014

 I've always had a neutral relationship with Valentine's Day--it's never really been a be all or end all holiday for me...I've yo-yo'd through boyfriends of sorts, as well as being single throughout the years, so I've experienced it from different perspectives. This year I have an awesome boyfriend and we plan on celebrating by going out for dinner after I get off work tonight. I have an outfit idea ready but I plan on maybe browsing the mall when I get off work to find some cute heels. I'd like to find a nice floral dress too eventually, maybe similar to this one from ASOS. I just got my paycheck, I'm ready to go shopping!

Sweater: Thrifted /// Collared blouse: Urban Outfitters /// Skirt: Boscov's? /// Flats: Forever 21

We got rocked with a snow storm today...all schools and even my job were closed. It was no joke...I'm sure we got over 16 inches of snow, maybe even 20. So beside spending 45 minutes cleaning and shoveling my car out, I stayed inside all day. I threw on some red and black today in the spirit of V-day... I layered this henley styled red sweater over a collared silk blouse. And don't forget the heart locket necklace! To bring out a more romantic vibe I paired the sweater with this lace black skirt that I don't really wear much because of the waistband. It's also a bit short. Lastly! my t-strap flats and Snoopy socks, haha! Not too much to say about these socks...I wore them today because I ran out of super thick socks and these were the best alternative. I have a bit of Snoopy memorabilia...

Hope everyone has a good holiday and weekend!


Yellow Accent

February 10, 2014

Happy Monday! I have acquired a few new followers in the past week and I just want to say hello! and thanks for following my blog :) We're at the end of our morning here on the east coast and I just made my favorite breakfast (I'm not a morning person, lol)--fried potatoes with onion and cheese with 2 eggs, sunny side up with some juice and black tea. So easy and cheap to make. What are your guys' favorite breakfast to make at home? Anywho, I wanted to share this outfit I wore yesterday to work. All my coworkers loved it, it was kind of overwhelming after just clocking in! I'm glad to be working in an environment with a not so limiting dress code though. I always strive for comfort & cuteness when I get dressed for work.

It's pretty obvious I'm really into collars and layering them under sweaters and here I go doing it again. This outfit takes the layering to a new level though. The yellow collar is actually a sleeveless printed blouse I layered underneath the geometric printed dress that is worn here as a skirt. I've had this vintage dress for a while...probably seven years now? When I bought it it was at my ankles so I shortened it to my liking. Lastly, I put a thin black sweater over top of it all. I'm surprised the yellow collar on the blouse actually matched the yellow on the dress...two points for me!

I did a little shopping on Saturday night after I got off work. Spending only $20 I got some nice stuff, mostly jewelry because I feel like my outfits have been a little lack-luster. The necklace I'm wearing here was only $2! I've been thinking about 'vlogging' and doing a haul of sorts. I really want to do a thrift haul the next time I find some good stuff. Thoughts?!

Lastly...we all know Valentine's Day is this Friday. I don't actually have an outfit planned yet (I'm going on a dinner & drinks date with my bf). I will probably try and find something at work this Thursday to buy, honestly, because I love procrastinating.

Sweater: J.C. Penny /// Collared top: Macy's /// Skirt (dress): Vintage /// Shoes: Target /// Necklace: rue21

Played Up Simplicity

February 6, 2014

So much for trying to wear more color this week. I've been drawn to black a lot...hmm.

I tried to play up the simplicity in this look by experimenting with lots of silver jewelry and eye makeup. Necklace, bangles, and rings. I love this sweater because it's a perfect length...not too short not too long. I can't wait until it gets warmer so I can wear over the knee socks with it. And considering it's February might as well layer over the heart printed collared shirt.

Last touch: vintage backpack purse you can never go wrong with. I use backpacks a lot when I go to shows/concerts which, by the way, there are a lot of awesome shows coming up in Philly. Yes! 
Have a good weekend, I will mostly not have a post til next week.

Sweater: H&M /// Collared top: T. J. Maxx Leggings: 7 For All Mankind, via T.J. Maxx /// Boots: Clarks /// Backpack: Vintage

6 More Weeks of Winter

February 3, 2014

Punxsutawney Phil, a mythical forecasting groundhog (click here to read more about him), saw his shadow yesterday which means six more weeks of winter. Although this Pennsylvanian tradition is by no means scientifically accurate, it sure is fun to think about...errr, or not fun considering today's weather.

 Snow, snow, more snow...guess we were in a state of emergency today, whatever that means. I ended up staying home from work even though I woke up and got dressed...I wasn't trying to risk it considering I have a 23 minute drive. I went out on a walk with my camera to survey the area and see just how much snow we got.

This was the first time I wore my Dr. Martens out for a substantial amount of time. They definitely kept my feet toasty which was awesome. I was also wearing a brightly colored hat today to keep my head and ears warm. I've had this hat since 9th grade so it's been through a lot of winters.

Coat: Vintage, c/o mother /// Top: Ralph Lauren c/o T.J. Maxx /// Skirt: Ross Dress For Less /// Shoes: Dr. Martens /// Hat: Adidas /// Bag: Vintage


February 2, 2014

Sweater: Max Studio, T.J. Maxx /// Dress: H&M /// Shoes: Keds

Happy February to all. I like this month because it's short and we are a little closer to spring. I don't have much to say today. I'm a bit tired, mentally. I just wasn't quite awake today, especially when I got to work. I've been wearing a lot of dark colors lately...and today's black and grey palette can't explain my mood any better. I did add a small pop of pink with my necklace to let the world know I'm not totally down. I'm wearing my new sweater I got at work on the clearance rack for $15...it's long and super warm which I love. I've been wearing it a lot and have many plans for future outfits with it. I aspire to wear color this week so we'll see how that goes...
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