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Plaid and Lace Shorts

June 24, 2014

 Hello there, I'm excited to share an outfit with you all! I've picked up quite a few things at Forever 21 recently, including this pair of red and navy plaid shorts. I was getting a little stressed thinking about how I was going to survive the summer heat in the clothing department. How I have survived the previous summers is the real question, but anyway...I made it a mission to stock up on my breezy loose-fitting shorts. Styling them has been bit of a challenge considering I'm used to jean shorts, but I have a feeling they are going to dominate my wardrobe! I love this pair in particular because it's a break from the usual geometric and floral prints I see everywhere (don't get me wrong, I actually bought another pair of shorts today in floral print :X). They also give off a subtle pajama short vibe, but in a classy way with the lace fringe detail. I'm a fan of lazy-chic!

I realized I officially have no black sandals since I threw out an old pair I've worn for years...this is not good!! That is the next item I must acquire ASAP.

Top: second hand /// Shorts: Forever 21 /// Shoes: Mudd


  1. Love those shorts! F21 has such treasures sometimes!


  2. realmente lindo e inspirador!

  3. I have no idea how I survived too! I have like, tons of sweater and fuzzy socks, but not one breezy summer item :D
    Oh gosh, I love these shorts so much! They're perfect! *_* Sexy!

  4. oh i have the same short ! I love how you styled it ! :)
    emma's little box


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