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The Bodycon Skirt

May 24, 2014

I own two bodycon skirts--this one and a plain black one and I have always neglected wearing them. They would only come out of my closet if I was going to the club/bar...or if I was feeling really adventurous. My issue with these skirts is how short and tight they are--I would always feel hella uncomfortable wearing them anywhere. Somewhere along the way (aka the past month) I've found a totally new appreciation for them and I want to buy more! I think this new respect comes from the way the cut of the skirt and the right top gives my body appealing proportions (I'm petite so I struggle with looking stumpy in outfits). I've also been trying to figure out other ways to wear shirts without tucking them in. I really like this outfit and wore it for a trip to Philadelphia to visit some friends for dinner and drinks. 

Here I go again posting awkward pictures of my face again. I honestly don't care at this point (lol) and this picture was perfectly in focus I had to share it. Whatever forever! What about that ax though? I promise I wasn't off on a murderous rampage...anyway, my slacking on this blog has become quite depressing for me and I need to step up my game. Last week just kind of coasted by because I was visiting my boyfriend's and whenever I go there for a long time I feel like I get sucked out of reality which is nice, but can also do a number on my life. I've also been trying to come up with outfits without my creepers but it's so damn hard, I love these shoes so much. *sigh* I am on the hunt for new pieces (especially shoes and sandals) and hope to share them soon!

Jacket: Route 66 /// Lace top: thrifted /// Skirt: Kohls /// Shoes: Mudd


  1. I don't wear bodycon for exactly the same reason as yours! I have two or three pieces that are knee length though. I recently discovered bicycle shorts, they do miracles with a short bodycon :D
    Awkward face or not, you're always super cute and pretty. :D Love the denim jacket and gorgeous necklace!

    1. you are so sweet keit! thank you :)

  2. cool fit! and i have the same issues with body con skirts, which is why i don't really own any. but i really like how casual you made them.\

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  4. Lovely outfit, and I agree with the bodycon skirts, I always struggle to style them.


  5. love this outfit!! The background of the shot is so great too!! :)



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