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Off the Grid

April 10, 2014

I went to this secretish spot with my friend Christian yesterday. I say secretish because most of the college students in the town I live in don't know about it. I guess you could say I channeled my inner doe a midst an enchanted forest in this picture...I couldn't resist posing with make-shift antlers. We even saw three little deer across the water!

This is definitely a more laid back casual outfit for me. Jeans make me feel like I'm in a dreamland, away from reality. I think the reason is because I can't wear jeans at work, ha. Also, another positive attribute of spring socks! Got out my moccasins out...perfect for exploring.

My friend Beth gave me this bag, it's a true beauty.

This week has been a little more spontaneous than usual...but good things came out of it. I'm excited for the weekend!

Sweater: Max Studio /// Top: Ross  /// Jeans: BDG /// Shoes: Minnetonka  /// Bag: c/o a friend


  1. Lovely outfit! Looks lovely on you :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

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