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Whatever Friday

March 28, 2014

TGIF. I woke up today and did some internetting in my bed and then after a little while I realized a spider was crawling on me!!! I instantly jumped out of bed, screaming, and decided it was time to get ready for the day. I'm not sure if it was the spider or what but once I took a shower and got dressed I was in a super whatever mood and threw this ensemble on. Usually I go through a million different outfit ideas before I actually decide on something but this is the second time this week I actually kept my first choice on. I feel like since it's getting a little warmer it is definitely becoming less stressful to dress myself. 

I wanted to reach outside of my usual comfort zone today (Whatever Friday!), and not that I don't wear crop tops, cut off shorts, and intricately see-through tights, but this combo is something I always seem to gloss over when I get dressed. It's honestly a confidence thing...but anyways I also want to talk about this cardigan I'm wearing. It's actually a dress my mom gave me (I wore it in this post) and now it's a long layering piece which I'm in love with. Inspiration credit goes to Jenn Im of 'clothesencounters' on Youtube. Who knew I could wear long maxi dresses as cardigans?! That girl is seriously one of my fashion idols right now, check her channel out here!

Have a lovely weekend all ! xx

Cardigan (dress): vintage c/o mom /// Crop top: T.J. Max /// Shorts: vintage cut off Levi's /// Boots: Clarks /// Head scarf: c/o an old roommate


  1. Hahaha, you definitely should get out of your comfort zone more often, this outfit is dah bomb! Love the tights!

  2. You look super cozy, love the long cardigan

  3. Awesome styling. Lookin' good girl!


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