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Pastel Spring

March 20, 2014

Happy spring to all!!! I was very excited today and wore a pastel color palette to welcome the new season.

I didn't realize how light this shirt is. It looks pretty pink to me in person, but colors are capable of not translating justice in photos. Paired with my light denim skinnies and new white platforms I feel like I had a pretty 'spring-like' inspired outfit. Pastels are totally in right now, that is certainly clear. I decided to contrast the lightness with my grey cardigan and hangbag. Balanced?

I actually did some cool things today such as, going to my favorite burrito place and then a record and thrift store! I suppose I can post photos of that adventure later. I was happy that it was warm today but it was also extremely windy...if you can't already tell from these photos. Oh well, standing underneath the sunshine absorbing its warm rays made it totally worth it.

Sweater: Macy's /// Top + Jeans: T.J Maxx /// Shoes: Union Bay via Kohls


  1. you are a cutie, love the pastel shirt and jeans!

  2. I love pastels! Especially pastels with a crispy brown tan, and not with my cheesy tanned skin :D Love your cool pants and the cozy cardi!

  3. I love this! Those colors are amazing! Light wash jeans are the bomb.


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