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Beautiful Mysterious

March 24, 2014

Here's a more springy look from Friday. I'm wearing thin tights, woo! I ended up doing a lot in this outfit...went with my friends to a local barber shop so they could get their ears lowered, the farmer's market, the local park, and then eventually a show in Philly (sans hat). I swear every time I decide to wear this hat it's windy. Which also brings me to my next statement: I need a new hat. You guys are probably sick of it by me, I'm on the hunt. This dress though. I've had it for years and I think I'm going to be wearing it a lot more now that I'm  finding more things to layer over it. This grungy flannel shirt has been on this blog quite recently but it's too good not to show off again. I need more thrifted flannels too!

Last week was a pretty awesome week. Got to hang with good people and explore some places. Sometime this week I'm going to post random 'adventure' photos which is what I'm striving for with this blog along with fashiony stuff. Now that spring is in bloom I should be able to kick this into gear. Happy Monday!

Flannel: American Eagle, thrifted /// Dress: American Apparel /// Shoes: Keds /// Hat: H&M /// Bag: thrifted

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  1. the hat is so beautiful! looking forward to your adventure photos :)


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