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Yellow Accent

February 10, 2014

Happy Monday! I have acquired a few new followers in the past week and I just want to say hello! and thanks for following my blog :) We're at the end of our morning here on the east coast and I just made my favorite breakfast (I'm not a morning person, lol)--fried potatoes with onion and cheese with 2 eggs, sunny side up with some juice and black tea. So easy and cheap to make. What are your guys' favorite breakfast to make at home? Anywho, I wanted to share this outfit I wore yesterday to work. All my coworkers loved it, it was kind of overwhelming after just clocking in! I'm glad to be working in an environment with a not so limiting dress code though. I always strive for comfort & cuteness when I get dressed for work.

It's pretty obvious I'm really into collars and layering them under sweaters and here I go doing it again. This outfit takes the layering to a new level though. The yellow collar is actually a sleeveless printed blouse I layered underneath the geometric printed dress that is worn here as a skirt. I've had this vintage dress for a while...probably seven years now? When I bought it it was at my ankles so I shortened it to my liking. Lastly, I put a thin black sweater over top of it all. I'm surprised the yellow collar on the blouse actually matched the yellow on the dress...two points for me!

I did a little shopping on Saturday night after I got off work. Spending only $20 I got some nice stuff, mostly jewelry because I feel like my outfits have been a little lack-luster. The necklace I'm wearing here was only $2! I've been thinking about 'vlogging' and doing a haul of sorts. I really want to do a thrift haul the next time I find some good stuff. Thoughts?!

Lastly...we all know Valentine's Day is this Friday. I don't actually have an outfit planned yet (I'm going on a dinner & drinks date with my bf). I will probably try and find something at work this Thursday to buy, honestly, because I love procrastinating.

Sweater: J.C. Penny /// Collared top: Macy's /// Skirt (dress): Vintage /// Shoes: Target /// Necklace: rue21


  1. this look has comfort and cuteness alllll over it- i love how the collar brings out the colors in the skirt. very pretty!

    xo marlen
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  2. Would love to see your vlogs. And I think your style is impeccable! Adore this combo, especially the amazing yellow collar and cropped sweater! I'm a new follower ^_^

  3. Love your dress! xoxo


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