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In The Spirit of...

February 14, 2014

 I've always had a neutral relationship with Valentine's Day--it's never really been a be all or end all holiday for me...I've yo-yo'd through boyfriends of sorts, as well as being single throughout the years, so I've experienced it from different perspectives. This year I have an awesome boyfriend and we plan on celebrating by going out for dinner after I get off work tonight. I have an outfit idea ready but I plan on maybe browsing the mall when I get off work to find some cute heels. I'd like to find a nice floral dress too eventually, maybe similar to this one from ASOS. I just got my paycheck, I'm ready to go shopping!

Sweater: Thrifted /// Collared blouse: Urban Outfitters /// Skirt: Boscov's? /// Flats: Forever 21

We got rocked with a snow storm today...all schools and even my job were closed. It was no joke...I'm sure we got over 16 inches of snow, maybe even 20. So beside spending 45 minutes cleaning and shoveling my car out, I stayed inside all day. I threw on some red and black today in the spirit of V-day... I layered this henley styled red sweater over a collared silk blouse. And don't forget the heart locket necklace! To bring out a more romantic vibe I paired the sweater with this lace black skirt that I don't really wear much because of the waistband. It's also a bit short. Lastly! my t-strap flats and Snoopy socks, haha! Not too much to say about these socks...I wore them today because I ran out of super thick socks and these were the best alternative. I have a bit of Snoopy memorabilia...

Hope everyone has a good holiday and weekend!



  1. Whoa! And I was complaining about our bad weather! :D Hope everything has calmed down now!
    Love the red thematic outfit ^_^ And hooray for paychecks! :D


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