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Wild Winter

January 5, 2014

Considering my intrigue in weather and geography, I find it appropriate to include a post about the wicked weather my geographical region has been experiencing, accompanied by some photos I took on New Year's Eve.

Living in Pennsylvania, we experience some tough winters. No, we aren't Minneapolis or Fargo,  but we also experience crazy summers. All extremes, but I'm used to this. Seasons characterize what I call...home. Although I am warm to the idea of moving virtually anywhere for a career (okay, maybe not anywhere), I feel like Pennsylvania offers a lot of natural wonders I would miss. Besides the four seasons we experience, I would also miss the mountains and hills.  Having recently traveled to Michigan, driving through Ohio, I realized just how amazing mountains are and how boring it is without them. You feel...out of place.

So since December and continuing into the new year, we've been having a lot of snow and ice storms, on top of freezing temperatures! Last year it technically only snowed once during the winter...not counting the bizarre Halloween snow storm we had that canceled classes. We are definitely making up for last winter, I can tell you that. I've lost count of the instances of snow we've had...it's just kind of a thing now that has become a part of daily winter life.

On NYE I ended up working early in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon. I am not a morning person--I somewhat blame it on the fact that my body cannot physically deal with being awake so early. I also made plans to hang with a friend in the afternoon, not really realizing that I would be expected to partake in NYE festivities come night time. My friend Kelsey and I met up around 2 and headed out to Surplus Outlet, an extremely discounted outlet store that actually sells expired food and goods...you gotta check the dates. I find it kind of funny that when you arrive it becomes your primary focus to check all the expiration dates on anything you find interest in buying. Anyway! We picked up some expired 800 speed 35 mm fuji film--4 rolls for $4! Then headed to find a spot to try and take photos.

I parked around some park/cabin rental place in a very rural town about 15 minutes from where I live that I've spent some time in and driven through probably more. We found this cute little bridge...I feel like this setting is a perfect "winter wonderland"!

 It was so windy! Which made the cold super unbearable without gloves. Kelsey was a trooper sans gloves and winter coat! I'm a baby and need to be bundled up. It wasn't long before we packed up and headed back to town. I also want to comment on how much I love Kelsey's outfit :) She's wearing Dr. Martin's that I would not have guessed were Dr. Martin's at all!

 Coat: J.C. Penny // Boots: Sporto

When I come home for a period of time I make a habit of wearing my mom and grandmother's clothing and shoes--or they just give me new things that I add to my closet. These boots are my grandmother's--she says they are too big for her. Well, they're too big for me too but I wanted a cute boot that would protect my feet--thick socks can fix that problem. I have a hard time finding snow boots in a style that I like. Ironically, I found some nice styles at Macy's the last time I was there...*sigh* I already have a pair, plus 2 other pairs from my mother and gram. 

It's supposed to sleet tonight, so I hope by tomorrow afternoon the weather is nice enough to let me take some outfit photos. I got a new pair of heeled Chelsea boots that I've been dying to wear! I am too scared to take them out in the snow, though...so we'll see how this goes.

Lastly, I forgot to mention in my 2013 post that I came up with a sort of "resolution" to revamp and take this blog to a whole new level. I've already transformed the layout and made it more accessible/appealing for fellow blog readers. I also started to write more in my posts, usually I would just list what I'm wearing and that was it. I hope to somehow generate traffic this year while also taking my style to a new level. It's going to be quite a year!

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