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They Are All Reasons To Me

January 17, 2014

 Sweater: Macy's /// Top: Burlington Coat Factory /// Jeans: YMI Jeans, via Burlington Coat Factory /// Boots: Vintage via Ebay /// Cameo brooch: Renninger's Farmer's Market

 Okay. I'm in love with this sweater and these jeans. I went shopping with my mom last night with a mission to find warm sweaters and high waisted jeans...mission accomplished! This sweater actually has studs below the shoulders that I had to compromise for...studs aren't exactly my style but they aren't that noticeable and...whatever, haha. With 75% cotton it's so warm and comfy and the pockets are an added bonus. These YMI jeans make me feel amazing, whoever invented low rise jeans were out of their mind...and I've been out of my mind for not looking harder for affordable high waisted pants--these were on the clearance rack for $13. Okay, enough of me boasting about my bargains. I'm going to use the rest of this post to talk about my "goals" I've been talking about this week.

Upon the new year I've created a small list of personal goals that I am trying to stop hindering from my mind. Most of these are on a miniscule level but have some sort of value to me, if accomplished. You can count on the personal well-being topics that show up on everyone's list, as well as goals geared towards a career path:
  • Get back into doing yoga and possibly start jogging again
  •  Take better care of my teeth
    • I'm good at flossing once a day; faulting at brushing twice/day
  • Get more into food
    • Cook more/eat more!
  • Read more!!
  • Journal
  • Attack my closet and get rid of things I don't need!
  • Apply to graduate school (asap)
  • Apply to jobs (asap)
  • Begin my scanning projects for my college's radio station...I have these really awesome 90s zines in my possession that I'd love to share!
  • Continue volunteering at the historical society
    • Scan more material for my archives blog
    • Begin new project
    • Start research for paper
Lastly, a girl's gotta have fashion goals! For a bit now I've been in the gradual process of revamping my style. Upon the new year I kind of made it a personal goal of mine to 'conquer' my style and put more effort into this blog. By conquer, I mean...come to a complete understanding of what my style is and the techniques to reach it...and of course always striving to be more fashionable! The other day I read articles online about "determining" and "how to dress" your body type." I actually found Oprah's article very helpful because she accompanied the pictures and advice with numbers... I thought I was a 'rectangle' shape but then I measured myself and I think I'm actually an hourglass! You can check out Oprah's article here: 
 I would consider my body shape to be rather frustrating at times, especially for a girl who wants to experiment with all kinds of styles and trends. I have a big chest, short torso, and short legs. I frequently feel like I look stumpy so I'm slowly realizing that I need to cut the 'I want to wear everything!' and focus on what works best for my body. These new YMI jeans certainly make me look taller...I refuse to buy low waisted jeans ever again.
I want to mention that I do believe we are free to wear whatever we want and believe me there will be days where I throw what the hell ever on, but I also believe we are free to wear what makes us feel and look amazing!

So now I have all these goals, I guess I'm off to reach them, right?! Ahah.


  1. i love that sweater too. this is such a cute look!

  2. Cute look! I love that cardigan and your shoes!
    Good look with your goals ;)

    X Sara

  3. I love every part of this outfit! High waisted pants are so fashionable now and fun to play with! Also I love a vintage twist to an outfit. That sweater is perfect to go with anything! Great outfit!


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