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Recent Film

January 20, 2014

 Sheena Ozzella of Lemuria
 Kat Kat Phest 2, Philadelphia, PA @ The North Star Bar
December 29, 2013

I wanted to share my latest roll of 35mm film from last month. Whenever I go to shows/concerts I only ever bring my tiny Canon point and shoot and the photos usually come out crisp and colorful. These shots of Sheena are my absolute favorite of the roll. Not only am I a fangirl (lol) but I was pretty pleased with the way they came out. I was all the way up front so I was afraid I'd be TOO close, but it worked out! We can also admire her amazing fashion sense.

Lemuria, Kat Kat Phest 2

Marietta, Kat Kat Phest 2

 Foxing, Kat Kat Phest 2

 City Cop, Kat Kat Phest 2

  L'Astronaut, Kutztown, PA


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