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Out of Town

January 7, 2014

Sweatshirt: Joe Boxer // Scarf: handmade, mother // Pants: h&m // Boots: Clarks // Bag: T.J. Maxx 

I went to an old stopping ground today with my girl friends Kelsey and Beth--Lewisburg, PA, a cute town about 30 minutes from my house known for its awesome antique shops. We had lunch and coffee at an old favorite place called Cherry Alley, explored a cool vintage shop, and rummaged through the "Street of Shops," an "indoor shopping village" full of antiques and fun trinkets and collectables. 

Okay, firstly I have to mention that the weather continued to be extremely brutal today...the wind chill was -22 degrees F. NEGATIVE 22! It was really hard to walk around downtown and maintain composure...lots of squeals occurred. 

Our first stop is our favorite Lewisburg coffee shop and cafe, Cherry Alley.

I had a cup of coffee and tofu scramble with home fries and greens, it was so yummy! Call it the type of spice, or even the ratio...it was amazing!

Kelsey and her pretty color palette. 

Here are some shots from inside Wilson Ross, a vintage clothing store. It also doubles as an antique shop. I had a lot of fun in here, they have a lot of different things at really reasonable prices. I scored a pair of low top Dr. Marten's for $12! They look just like the "1461" for all y'all Dr. Marten fans out there. I never actually considered owning a pair of Dr. Marten's, but when I saw that they were at such a low price AND in my size I had to give in...they will definitely add a bit of "punk" to my outfits.
Check out Wilson Ross and their online shop here!

Excited to go into the Street of Shops! Sporting my mom's hand made wool scarf with one of my brother's old crew neck sweatshirts...since they are too small for him now I have taken them into my possession--now I have one in grey, navy, and black! I feel like crew necks are pretty versatile and also quite warm.

 Kelsey "Perfect" Mason

 I found this interesting...lamps made out of liquor bottles.

 Lol, Beth found this mini dressing mannequin.

I had a fun day!! I'm excited for this weekend...hopefully going to Mitsuwa Marketplace in New Jersey, and it's supposed to warm up!


  1. I love Lewisburg, PA & all the antique shops there!!! You must live fairly close to me b/c it's about 45 min from my home! I love meeting other NEPA bloggers...sometimes I feel like I'm the only one out that way...ha!

  2. oh wow that's so close! I know how you feel it's great finding other bloggers from PA :)


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