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Give Up the Ghost

January 11, 2014

 Jacket: J.C. Penny // Shirt: via mom // Jeans: Wet Seal  // Shoes: Dr. Marten's
Bag: second hand via mother

Here I go again wearing more pants. I was just recently having a stunt with skirts and since the weather became unbearably cold I kindof switched to pants. Today was actually warm, yet raining the whole time. You can tell by my facial expressions I was a little bummed by the weather...I also had to drive in the rain which is always frustrating in ways. I embraced the mild temperatures, however. You take what you can get...

I am also sporting my new (used) Dr. Marten's I picked up at a local vintage shop near my hometown called Wilson Ross! They are definitely weather proof, to say the least--keeping my feet dry. Acquiring them already worn in also eliminates my fate with blisters from breaking in a new pair. One of the perks of thrift shopping I would say...I feel like every girl should own a pair of Docs.
This bag is also a gem from my mother...she wore it in the 80s and it was made in Germany which I think is really cool. My mom has quite a bit of pieces made in Europe that she has graciously handed down to me. 
The weather has been pretty crummy this past week...yesterday we had freezing rain and more rain today. I've been yearning for a nice sunny hopefully that is what I will receive tomorrow with excepted highs of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm going to a pretty large thrift store tomorrow so I hope to enjoy the sunshine as well as pick up some new cheap threads.

I have some 2014 "goals" of sorts that I haven't exactly kicked into gear yet...I'm still in holiday mode so I feel like I'm still on break from school, even though I just recently graduated so I'm not actually going back...I plan on sorting these things out next week and possibly conjure up a blog post dedicated towards it. Stay tuned!

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