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A Break From the Usual

January 13, 2014

Sweater: second hand, mother /// Chambray: thrifted /// T-shirt: American Apparel Boris band tee /// Boots: Clarks /// Bag: thrifted

I've been hella couped up because of the cold weather. I try to make it outside to capture outfit pictures a few times a week...but actually going outside for leisure has been something I haven't experienced since early November.

Yesterday I went on a short hike with my boyfriend and our friend Steve. The wind was a reminder of what season we're actually in.

 We stopped at the Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve after checking out a thrift store. I love visiting this area because it has so much geographical history considering it is a significant site of the revolutionary era. The winds picked up at this point, so it was still pretty cold!

I realize these faces may seem unflattering...but I feel like they show off my outfit well. I honestly don't mind making weird faces, it's the basis of my personality, lol. I borrowed my boyfriend's band tee and wore it as a dress...a bold move on my part. I consider an over sized t-shirt worn as a dress as quite a 'break from the usual.' The layers of chambray and sweater put enough weight on the tee that made me feel more comfortable about bending in public and such...trying on shoes at the thrift store was a little awkward. The place was so packed I could hardly shop...and forget about the dressing rooms! At least I saved myself some extra cash by not finding anything.

 More funny faces...

I've been living in this sweater, it has made me realize how much I need to invest in another neutral sweater.

George and Steve

 A shot of my bag, and George in the background being weird...lol.

I have more photos from today...expect another post soon!


  1. I wish I was short enough to get away with the oversized tshirt as a dress thing! You look adorable. :)


  2. lovely outfit, really like the casual vibe and the layers.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/


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