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Traveling Circus

December 31, 2013

Circle Scarf: Boscov's // Crop Top: T.J. Maxx // Maxi Skirt: Sears // Ankle Boots: New Direction, T.J. Maxx (Similar)

Whoa, it's almost been a week since Christmas! Which means it is almost the end of 2013...where did this week go? Tomorrow (today, technically) is New Year's Eve and my day is already packed! More on that later...

This outfit is from Friday when I drove 3 hours to my boyfriend's...we had very mild temperatures which is always a relief during Pennsylvania winters...but also kind of a bummer because you know it won't last. I'm obsessed with this scarf...maroon is practically my new favorite color to be honest. I love how transitional maxi skirts can be. Just throw on some thick tights underneath and you are ready to combat the intense wintry conditions. I only have one issue with long skirts...tripping on stairs! 

Traveling just popped into my head has a suitable title for this post. Do you ever just, feel like a circus? Maybe not on the outside, but definitely on the inside. I feel as though I put myself into inconvenient circumstances and then wish I hadn't. Whether it's at work (the prime example in this case), school, or with friends and family, sometimes I push myself to limits and I don't even know why. I feel as though I can do more. I think I get that from my mom, she is constantly on the go and rarely ever sits down except for a bit at night to sip on a beer.

Alas, I drove back from the boyfriend's tonight and just got home about an hour and a half ago and I have to go into work at 7am tomorrow (Here is what I mean by 'traveling circus'). I am lucky enough to get off at 12:30, but I made plans with a friend to meet up at 1:30 to go on a thrift and photo adventure...I think I could have totally avoided working at 7am but sometimes you just gotta let 'the man' make decisions for you.

Happy New Year!!!

Christmas Time Is Here!

December 25, 2013

Sweater: Marshalls // Skirt: T.J. Maxx // Loafers: Second hand, via mother
Merry Christmas to all that celebrate! I'm never usually into the holiday season because I am such a cynic, but this year many circumstances have blossomed my Christmas Spirit. I just graduated college (whoa!) and have realized how grateful I am for my family and friends who have stuck by me. I am also a sucker for holiday themed tv shows and movies.

On Sunday it was hella WARM and humid! Like, high 60s! We got some snow yesterday and today it's in the 20s!
Gloves were a necessary accessory when taking photographs today. I eventually took them off for the rest of the photos.

I recently bought this sweater at Marshalls. I fell in love with it the minute I threw it over my black collared blouse and skater skirt...I think it's an adorable look! Those bows :D Add (super plush and warm) hunter green tights along with a red Santa hat and you have instantly created a spirited outfit. I've always been weary of pairing red and green together other than on Christmas, but since I have an army green winter coat and a red bag, the color combo has grown on me. I mean, it's whatever, really.


Vince Guaraldi Trio's 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' is among the few Christmas albums I love. Obviously, I am a huge fan of the Peanuts Gang and my boy Snoopy, but I also love the piano and nostalgia that exudes from the music. Nostalgia is a helluva thing, and it drives a lot of my emotions when the holidays approach...Especially when it comes to watching old Christmas specials I watched when I was a kid. It's an amazing thing.


December 20, 2013

Jean Jacket: Route 66 // Top + Skirt: T.J. Maxx // Socks: // Booties: Thrifted

This afternoon was insanely warm compared to the normal temperatures we've been experiencing. Once the sun went down, however, it regressed back to its expected chill. All this week I've honestly gone shopping about every day lol and bought/acquired: three new dresses to say the least, as well as some tops, a sweater, warm tights...jeeze I went nuts. I graduated college last Saturday so its been kind of a whirlwind since know, transitioning into the "real world" of sorts. Well, the neat thing about graduating in December is that you have the 'new year' to look forward to and the inspiration to conjure up a list of goals for 2014! I may say this now, but it just popped into my head so I actually don't have a list to share right now but perhaps I will make one...

Today was interesting. I won't spare the details, but AAA was involved, lol.

Snow is cool and everything but today definitely made miss the summer time.

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