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The Doldrums

November 22, 2013

Circle Scarf: Boscov's // Dress: Second hand, via mother // Booties: Thrifted // Jean Jacket: Route 66

This outfit, weather, and photos do a good job at describing how I've been feeling this week. Sickness has plagued me all week; started out with some nose congestion and then it transferred to a tight chest and terrible cough. Whenever I'm not sick I always take a second to appreciate my health--and boy will I be thankful when I become well again.

It's actually quite warm out today--I had to go back inside upon leaving my apartment to change a little bit of my outfit to enjoy the lack of bitter coldness. My mother gave me this long black dress, I absolutely love it! The top part is form fitting and I'm surprised it fits my chest to be honest. 

Anyways, tgif. I want to go to the bar!

Girl on TV

November 19, 2013

Jacket: via Mom // Top: via Beth // Pants: H&M // Boots: New Direction, T.J. Maxx
Fellow residents of mine always leave furniture and electronics by our dumpsters even though we are told that the garbage won't pick it up lol. It's a quick way to dispose of shit when you are moving out and don't want to deal with it, I suppose. I suspect they don't get their entire deposit back, however.

The weekend's warm weather was a tease--yesterday was nice and sunny, but windy. It was rather chilly taking these photos around 3pm. I feel strange wearing a white denim jacket--white's never really been my color? Plus I am quite a slob at times so that's always a hinder. 

Today continues its pattern of sunshine and wind--I truly miss being surrounding by mountains--they kept the wind at a minimum! I have to write a big chunk of my final paper for my senior class that is due tomorrow! I've really made it to the edge at this point. I've been pretty confident I will get it done...caffeine and a sleepless night is ahead of me.

and of course I have my radio show tonight with Alicia from 6-8pm EST! You can listen online here:
Expect cool tunes, facts, and mild chatter as you enter The Mad House!


November 18, 2013

Dress: Mudd, Kohl's // Denim Shirt: St. John's Bay, thrifted // Socks: // Shoes: Target // Necklace: T.J. Maxx // Bag: Thrifted

I want this mild weather to stay--I'm not ready for winter to be completely honest :\ 


Top: Boscov's // Pants: J.C. Penny // Shoes: Franco Sarto, T.J. Maxx // Bag: Thrifted

Autumn! I shall miss when it is gone.
I'm into the blend of dark hues in this look. I've fallen in love with maroon/burgundy--so why not pair with a subtly printed navy pant! 


November 4, 2013

Jean Jacket: Route 66 // Skirt: Kohl's // Boots: Steve Madden

Oh my it's November! I had a great Halloween and went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire which was fun. 
I found a really cool place today that is literally less than 5 minutes from my apartment! I was originally going to go to this trail in town but decided to venture towards the community library that is in the other direction. The old ice machine gives off the vibe of a desolation. I'm hoping to continue taking more pictures this month...before it gets super cold.
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