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Girl on TV

November 19, 2013

Jacket: via Mom // Top: via Beth // Pants: H&M // Boots: New Direction, T.J. Maxx
Fellow residents of mine always leave furniture and electronics by our dumpsters even though we are told that the garbage won't pick it up lol. It's a quick way to dispose of shit when you are moving out and don't want to deal with it, I suppose. I suspect they don't get their entire deposit back, however.

The weekend's warm weather was a tease--yesterday was nice and sunny, but windy. It was rather chilly taking these photos around 3pm. I feel strange wearing a white denim jacket--white's never really been my color? Plus I am quite a slob at times so that's always a hinder. 

Today continues its pattern of sunshine and wind--I truly miss being surrounding by mountains--they kept the wind at a minimum! I have to write a big chunk of my final paper for my senior class that is due tomorrow! I've really made it to the edge at this point. I've been pretty confident I will get it done...caffeine and a sleepless night is ahead of me.

and of course I have my radio show tonight with Alicia from 6-8pm EST! You can listen online here:
Expect cool tunes, facts, and mild chatter as you enter The Mad House!

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