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Why You Need Happiness Goals (Plus Free Planning Printables)

March 29, 2017

There's nothing more I love than the start of new month. With the anticipation of a clean slate, you're feeling inspired, creative, and optimistic. You may be starting a new project or venture, or maybe have some exciting travel plans. Whatever you got going on, it's important to set new goals at the beginning of each month to stay focused, but it's also important to stay motivated . When daily tasks and responsibilities start to feel like a chore, or the feeling of boredom and "what's the point?" begin to arise, maintaining a new habit or goal can become very challenging. This is why you need to create happiness goals in addition to your main goals to help keep you balanced, happy, and motivated. Don't know what a happiness goal is? Keep reading to find out.

Why You Need to Have Happiness Goals Plus Free Planning Printable

Me Time

Happiness goals are different than your main goals or objectives in a sense that they are usually smaller tasks and aren't necessarily filed under "urgent" or "important," but are vital to fight against stress and overwhelm. I like to refer to them as activities that promote relaxation and would be categorized under "me time," such as a bubble bath, reading a book, a hobby, meditating, or going for a walk.

Think of Them As a Self-Care To-Do List

Happiness goals are essentially tasks and activities you prioritize to do for yourself, rather than for someone else. It's very important to practice self-love, so I like to think of them as a self-care to-do list. The activity itself and checking them off will make you feel good and accomplished!

Stay Inspired and Positive

When we're stressed out or sad we tend to only focus on the negative things in our lives, which becomes a downward spiral. Having a small list of tasks that promote happiness and joy will enable you to eliminate and control stress and help you refocus on maintaining your main goals and healthy habits. 

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Break Up the Monotony of Daily Routines 

I'm the kind of person that can start a new habit or routine and feel super pumped for the first few weeks or so, then hit a plateau because I get bored or tired of the same thing. A good example of this is Kayla Istine's Bikini Body Guide. I got all the way through week 9 of the program and then started to lose focus and motivation to keep up with it. The moves got harder, I got tired of working out in my living room, and I lost focus and discipline. Incorporating happiness goals will give you an opportunity to do something different and help you stay inspired!

Avoid Creative Ruts and Burnout

We all hit points of our life where we feel uninspired, unmotivated, and just plain burnt out. If you're a blogger or work in another creative field or social media, it is very easy to fall into a dark world that leaves you feeling unmotivated, stressed, and sad. I recently just hit my own place of stress and blogger burnout and refocused my priorities and time to take time for myself. Prioritizing and scheduling that me time will really help you in the long run to avoid building up negative emotions and stress. 

Benefits All Aspects of Your Life

The power of happiness goals is that they will affect more than just one area of your life: personal goals, dreams, work, school, hobbies, side hustle/business, social life, family life, etc. They're meant to keep your day-to-day spirits high, creating positivity and uplift that will transform your overall outlook on life and dare I say--achieve a happier and intentional life.

Why You Need Goals with Free Monthly Planner Printable

My April Happiness Goals

Now I want to share my 5 happiness goals for the month of April. This month is always special to me not only because it's my birthday month (April 27!) but also because it's when it starts to really feel like spring. Everyone seems to be in a better mood and the feelings of love and inspiration spread like wild-fire.

My happiness goals are nothing too crazy or urgent, but rather simple things that I know that they will boost my mood and keep me inspired this month. Some of these things I've held in the back of my mind, just thinking about them rather than putting them to action. By sharing these I hope to hold myself accountable to check them off my list and I know I'll feel fulfilled and motivated to create more for next month. Hopefully I can spark some ideas if you're trying to think of some for yourself!

1. Buy Myself Flowers
2. Put Together a Binder of Recipes
3. Create a Mood Board
4. Walk to Work More
5. Spend More Time With Friends

Why You Should Have Happiness Goals With Free Monthly Planner Printable

Here at In Search of Sheila I love goal setting, prioritizing, and maintaining happiness, but what I love more is sharing these things with my readers. That's why I'm not only going to share my happiness goals with you every month, but also free monthly printables to help keep you inspired and motivated. To get you started for the month of April I encourage you to download my free April 2017 goal planning and calendar printables which I personally used in this post! I created sections for your main and happiness goals, along with sections for other tasks and responsibilities you got going on. There will be new monthly printables every month, so once you sign up for my April one you won't have to do anything else but check your inbox at the end of each month to start planning. Be sure to grab your April printable down below!

I'd love to hear what your happiness goals are for April! Comment them down below if you already have some and feel like sharing :)



How To Create a Go-To Outfit When You Don't Know What To Wear

March 27, 2017

We all have those mornings where our lunch is already prepared, the coffee is brewing, and you're almost ready to get out the door to start your day...but you have no idea what to wear. I'm pretty bad at planning my outfits the night before (although I'm working on it!), mostly because I'm a procrastinator at heart, but also very indecisive. An easy way to solve this dilemma is to have outfits on deck that you can easily throw together when you're in a pickle. Keep reading to find out my 10 best tips for creating your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear that can work for any occasion, climate, or style!

My Top 10 Tips To Put Together An Outfit When You Don't Know What to Wear
Bag: c/o Minor History / Cardigan: c/o Tobi / T-shirt: Kohls / Jeans: Topshop (similar) / Shoes: Union Bay (similar) / Sunglasses: c/o Sicky Eyewear

Here's my go-to spring outfit that's more on the casual side that I would wear on a daily basis to run errands, grab a bite to eat with friends, or go shopping. It's not something that I can wear to work (no ripped jeans allowed), so perhaps that is another post I will plan to write in the future :) 

How To Deal With Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed

March 23, 2017

Many of us think that we can be superwoman or superman and do it all. The 40 hour work week. The side hustle. School. The social life. Taking care of our families. But what happens when this all catches up to you and you feel totally burnt out and suddenly hit a wall of immense anxiety that starts to consume you? Unfortunately it's been drilled into our heads that a go-go-go approach to life is normal and expected of us. Thanks western society. This mentality is detrimental to our health and it's very important to take time and be kind to ourselves and get back on the right path to finding the things in our life that makes us feel good. In this post I'm sharing 9 things to do when you've hit a wall and overwhelmed with life.

What to Do When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed and Stressed Out With Life

Spring Break in Miami | Casual Beach Outfit

March 20, 2017

Okay, I'm not in college anymore (nor do I wish to be), but I just got back from what I'm calling my spring break. After these short, dark, and cold days of winter, I hit a point where I felt uninspired, unmotivated, and just waiting for spring. I think we all have these feelings, especially if we live in seasonal climates. Don't get me wrong, I love having my seasons, but winter just takes a toll on you. That's why when my girl friends asked me if I wanted to go to Miami, Florida with them over spring break I thought to myself: um, duh? I needed to make this happen. One of my goals for 2017 is to travel, so this was the perfect opportunity.

Casual Beach Outfit Denim Shorts White T-Shirt
T-shirt: Brandy Melville (similar) Bikini: ASOS / Shorts: thrifted (similar) / Sandals: Kohls (similar)

5 Pieces I'm Excited to Wear This Spring

March 13, 2017

The days are getting warmer, the sun is staying out longer, the birds are chirping, and happiness is in the air. With just one more week left until the first day of spring, a new season is officially upon us. Since I got great feed back on my trends post from last week, I wanted to share 5 pieces and provide links to shop them that I'm super excited to style for the spring season. Some are new that I never thought I would ever wear (yay for trying new things!) and some are timeless that continue to remain a wardrobe staple year after year.

White Jeans, Blush Pink, and Black Mules For Spring
Sweater: Boohoo / Jeans: ASOS / Shoes: ASOS / Bag: DSW

For this outfit I'm incorporating a few pieces that are on this list. Okay, lets hop to it, shall we?!
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