August 22, 2016

Feeling Inspired Again

Romper: H&M / Top: American Apparel / Shoes: Aldo / Bag: Nine West

I'm back! Not posting for a week was really weird, but I simply was uninspired. This happens to every blogger and I think it's necessary to hit road blocks every once in a while to put things into perspective. Between picking up extra hours at work and trying to plan for my beach trip (I'm on my way as we speak!) I just needed a little break. Getting some new clothes also helped--I picked up this romper at H&M and was totally inspired by Amy Lee for this layered look, which I didn't even realize she had the same romper, lol! I love the whole layering over spaghetti straps trend, which is going to be a thing for a while I think. 

August 15, 2016

A Straw Hat For Summer

Top: American Apparel / Skirt: T.J. Maxx / Loafers: second-hand / Hat: Forever 21 / Bandana: Walmart

Happy Monday! In one week I'll be on my way to the beach and I can't waittttt. Today's outfit is inspired by the bandana/neck scarf trend (again)...this time giving my black and white outfit a pop of red with this bandana. I added my little straw hat to top it off, but I had to keep holding onto it while taking these photos because it was extra windy on my roof. And yeah! I shot these on my roof which is becoming one of my go-to photo spots when I don't feel like being in public, lol. The only kind of hat I've been wearing this summer is a baseball hat, but I think straw hats are perfect because they aren't so thick that you'll get hot and they block the sun! Last year at the beach a straw hat saved me from the harsh rays, so I'll definitely be taking one with this next week.

August 12, 2016

Remembering To Stay Present

A little different kind of a post today with a friendly reminder to stay present. In this digital world it is so easy to fall victim to comparison and idealism that sometimes we forget to just live in the moment. A few weeks ago I was looking through my old photos and found this shot at Lake Michigan from 2013. The image took me back to that day when the water was freezing, but I was happy and content with my life. I always try to take some time to live in the moment. It is totally okay to document your life through photography and video, just remember that there is more to life than getting the shot. Rather than capturing every single second of it on a device, put your phone or camera down and just soak it in for all it's sights, sounds, smells, feels, and tastes. That my friends, is living.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend x

August 10, 2016

Wednesday Wants | Rompers

1. Shein / 2. ASOS / 3. Charlotte Russe / 4. H&M
5. Azalea / 6. Zaful / 7. Tobi / 8. Urban Outfitters

So it's August and I can't believe I haven't talked about rompers on here!! They are such a trendy piece this season and I'm shopping for some to take on my trip to the beach in a couple of weeks, so I'll be styling some soon :) I picked out 8 here and while I was browsing I found soo many I wanted to feature. I love that there are so many different styles and prints, so it can align with anyone's wardrobe. Which of these picks is your favorite? What do you think of rompers?

August 8, 2016

Summer Shades: TIJN Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses: TIJN Eyewear / Bodysuit: Forever 21 / Shorts: thrifted (similar) / Shoes: Converse / Belt: Calvin Klein (thrifted) / Hat: thrifted

Happy Monday lovelies! For today's post I'm sharing a quintessential summer look + reviewing these super cute sunglasses from TIJN Eyewear. For this look I styled a bodysuit with denim shorts, Converse high tops, and a baseball hat. A pretty standard summer out IMO and adding a pair of sunnies is the perfect accessory. 

August 5, 2016

My Monthly Buys | July 2016

Okay, I have to be honest. The initial feeling I had when I realized July was over was pure dread because I *had* to write another My Monthly Buys. Then I got a little disappointed in myself, because I believe that you have every right to not do something if you don't want to. Then I thought about if I quit this series I would only be hurting myself because as I mentioned in my June Buys, these monthly posts put my spending into perspective and help me spend less on only things I truly want and will use. After this realization I gained motivation to continue with this monthly series. This month wasn't too bad and I made some investment purchases.
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